Dream Life Unveils the 366 Days of Gratitude Journal - For a Leap Year of Joy and Personal Growth


In a world that's fast-paced and often challenging, finding joy in the little things can be a game-changer. Dream Life, renowned for empowering millions to live a life they love, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest offering: the 366 Days of Gratitude Journal.

This beautifully designed, personalized journal is your companion for not just 365, but 366 days in the leap year of 2024, giving you one extra day to count your blessings!


A Design That Inspires

Grounded in the elegant Swedish design that Dream Life is known for, the journal comes in a range of cover designs to choose from and can be personalized with your name or a phrase that holds special meaning to you. This touch of personalization makes the 366 Days of Gratitude Journal not just a tool, but a treasured keepsake to look back on in time.

Grounded in Wellbeing

According to Kristina Karlsson, the heart behind Dream Life, “For years I’ve maintained a daily gratitude practice, and it’s been fundamental to my well-being through many ups and downs. It’s quite amazing what massive benefits this seemingly small but consistent daily habit can bring."

Inspired by Kristina's experience, this journal is more than just a journal; it's a daily ritual that brings calmness, joy, and a sense of grounding to your life.

A Simple Practice, Profound Impact

Practicing gratitude daily is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve wellbeing." says Kristina.

The 366 Days of Gratitude Journal is a testament to Dream Life's commitment to providing simple yet invaluable tools to help people live a life they love.

Each page, crafted with care, offers the simple opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty in your day-to-day life. Sprinkled with inspiring quotes, the journal is a year long journey towards a more joyful, grounded existence – one day at a time.

Leap Into Extra Joy

2024 is a leap year, and what better way to celebrate this extra day than by reflecting on gratitude? The 366 Days of Gratitude Journal playfully acknowledges this unique year, giving you an additional page to express your thankfulness.

It's a reminder that every day, even those that come only once every four years, is a gift worth cherishing.

Join a Community of Growth

Users of the 366 Days of Gratitude Journal are also welcomed into Dream Life's vibrant community.

Many journal enthusiasts are active members of the GROW online book club, where like-minded individuals come together weekly to discuss and delve into books that foster personal growth. See: https://www.yourdreamlifestartshere.com/growclub

A Beautiful, Personal Journey Awaits

As you embark on this 366-day journey of gratitude, know that each entry is a step towards a more fulfilled and joyful life.

The 366 Days of Gratitude Journal from Dream Life isn't just a product; it's a companion on your journey to living a life you love.



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