Morning Pages

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    For over 20 years I've been practicing a specific style of journaling I call ‘Morning Pages’ – and for me it has been magical and a valuable near daily ritual. Find out more about this ritual here… 

    Inside this is a plain and simple journal – with no guiding prompts internally – so refer to my blog on Morning Pages for guidance.

    However, with the title Morning Pages on the cover, it could be just what you’re after to start a ritual of your own. And yes, you can personalise the cover with a name, title or what-ever you choose - to make it unique and beloved. And a perfect gift.

    5 products
    BONUS Morning Pages Journaling Prompts - FREE Downloadable
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    The paper we use in all of our products is one with genuinely exceptional eco credentials. It’s made carbon neutral, FSC Recycled certified and manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled fibre in a process that is chlorine & acid free.

    As an eco 100% recycled paper it has a slight fleck and isn’t as white & bright as papers made in ways that are significantly more harmful to our environment (ie: bleached, using chlorine/acid in the process, etc). 

    So it is a little compromise - but one we feel morally bound to make. And we think it’s beautiful - as do our many happy customers.

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