We're excited!

The Dream Life x Melissa Ambrosini Wholy Mama™ Journal has landed!

I’m so glad you’re here!

beautifully crafted

This journal is for you.

It’s the place you can come to each day - even briefly - to fill your cup. Because let’s be real: when you’re pouring so much love and energy into your babes, you need windows of time, just for you. In the process creating a priceless keepsake - no matter what stage of Motherhood you're at.

Choose from four gorgeous colours.

...and personalise the cover with your name, your bubba's, or what-ever you like. Creating a family heirloom & forever keepsake.

Beautiful Light Tan

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Soft Pink

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What's on the inside?

Thoughtful prompts to guide you - morning & night...


Set up for a beautiful day...

Just follow the simple & powerful prompts, and write from your heart in the morning... setting you up with the positive vibes you need. And for every day, a new mantra...


Capture precious moments & what worked well... and jettison the things you want to let go of. Then journal out what-ever you like to round out your day... and get the sleep you need.
more space

Journal It Out

More space each day to share your heart-felt thoughts, anything that's on mind, or more precious memories from the day. It's so important to get anything off your chest before you sleep. Just journal it out... then flick off the light.

meet the wonderful

Melissa Ambrosini

how to use

The Dream Life x Melissa Ambrosini Wholy Mama™ Journal

Read more about how to use it here...
The Wholy Mama™ Journal - Sand
The Wholy Mama™ Journal - Pink
The Wholy Mama™ Journal - Ocean
The Wholy Mama™ Journal - Light Tan
Personalised Card - For You - Sand


Sure is!

Don't fret! There will be days you miss and it's totally ok. No guilt! Whatever memories and feelings you're able to capture will be cherished in time. Just show up when-ever it feels right for you. No rules. No pressure.

Pick the times that might work best for you and schedule them. For some it will be a beautiful ritual in the morning with a cup of tea and then in the evening when you finally get into bed. Most importantly, just start...

So easy. Just click on 'perosnlaise/buy'. Type in your text, choose a font, a colour and a size... and you're done!

Just open up the journal and start. It's thoughtful prompts will guide you. And remember this
is for you and your family. Write uncensored. Just speak from your heart. Let it out. ...and defiinitely don't worry about perfect handwriting. Just doing it is perfect ❤️

And have a read of this blog article by Melissa on how to use the journal….