Be Inspired by the Dreams of Others...

I know from years of experience and study of the power of dreaming, that whatever you can dream – you can achieve.

We can all make dreams come true. I’ve seen it time and time again. And it’s so exciting!

I’ve experienced firsthand the power of dreaming and know it’s something anyone can do anytime, anywhere. It’s free and the process can be learnt – and it really is a process, or a practice. The more you do it, the better you become.

Something magical happens when you dream, and something even more powerful happens when you write your dreams down on paper. It brings the intangible within reach, the unclear into the spotlight ... it’s a life-changing process.

"…and something I’ve always loved is hearing the dreams of other people. I find it so heart-warming and inspiring."

It’s not a common thing for people to share their dreams – and you’re more likely to see someone in a movie sharing and chasing their dreams than hearing that in everyday life …unless of course you’re in our Dream Life community!

We regularly have events where people share their dreams - and it's magic (if that's on any interest, subscribe to our mailing list and you'll hear that way when our next event is).

A dreamer above sharing dreams at a Dream Life Masterclass.

But hearing the dreams of others is one of the most powerful ways of inspiring you to pursue your dream life too. Whatever that means for you.

I love asking people about their dreams and I especially love being in a room full of people sharing their dreams. It’s so special – everyone always naturally just want to help each other - and I always walk away inspired with new ideas for dreams I personally want to chase.

"I find it fascinating to hear what people want to achieve, and this often sets me on pathways to new dreams that I would never have thought of myself."

…which is why I want to share with you a long list of the dreams of everyday people.

Enjoy glancing over them. I hope you get some inspiration.

And please, add your dreams in the comments below if you’d like to share too. No matter how small or big. Your dreams matter.


Dream Life Founder

PS: If you'd like some help practicing dreaming for yourself - to discover dreams sitting in your heart - have a listen to my bonus podcast episode where I'll guide you through my favourite dreaming exercise. 101 Dreams. It's the perfect place to start. Listen here...

A Collection of Dreams:

  • Create & write, a book & a screenplay for a movie
  • To write, illustrate and publish a children’s picture book
  • To empower and inspire women of all ages from all over the world to feel amazing in their clothes, dress for themselves, shop their wardrobes, and be confident to be kind to themselves, connected to other like minded women and free to express themselves as they truly desire
  • ‘My dream is to live healthily in every way to 100 years of age.’ – Sue, 43
  • ‘A dream of mine is to dance with my daughter at her wedding. I might be in my seventies by then so I need to be healthy, fit and agile!’ – Paul, 50
  • ‘I’m dreaming that they’ll find a matching organ donor for me and that I’ll have a successful transplant, get back to normal health and be around for my family.’
  • ‘My dream is to have children and be an awesome mother one day.’
  • ‘A dream is to document in film the story of our family history, particularly of the generation who experienced the two world wars, so the many learnings will benefit future generations.’
  • ‘A dream of mine is that my children will one day consider me among the best men they ever met.’
  • ‘My dream is to have my own successful business that allows me to work from wherever I like in the world so that I can do as much travelling as possible. I also dream to be an amazing mother and wife one day, travelling the world with my family and experiencing fantastic things.’ – Katie
  • ‘My BIG Dream is to create gourmet home-cooked meals for dogs and deliver fresh, wholesome meals to pet lovers all over my local area.’ – Misty
  • ‘Use my skills/experience to make myself indispensable to an organisation I love working with – and a team I love working with – where I know my work has true meaning and my career can thrive.’ – Kerry
  • ‘I dream of being able to find a way to get lots of help so our home feels clean and tidy more often without me having to be on it all the time and so we can have more quality family time together while the children still live at home.’
  • ‘A dream of mine is to mentor ten young children through to their teens – those who live in dysfunctional family homes and just need a bit of support, encouragement and guidance the way I did.’
  • ‘I dream of being able to send my children to a great university one day...’
  • ‘To create regular space in our lives where my husband and I can spend quality time together without the rush and demands of everyday life.’
  • ‘I’m dreaming of opening my own café – healthy food and great coffee.’
  • ‘My dream is to make a living vlogging on YouTube.’ – Axel (axelkl), 10
  • ‘My dream is to go to New York one day with my mum and see the American Girl doll store.’ – Tiffany, 7
  • ‘Take a year off and travel the world – and learn what I can about how we can solve our many environmental challenges.’
  • ‘My dream is to realise the dream of my younger self: “to be like a mentor to deaf children when I am older and can do it”. I didn’t know then that I would also be going blind. My younger self also wanted me to write books on how to be a special friend to a special child.’ – Kate
  • ‘My dream is to finish my degree in psychology and become a school psychologist. I want to be able to listen and guide the children who need it and those who just need a chat. Sometimes that’s all someone needs to help change their mind-frame.’ – Laura
  • ‘My dream is to be in a position in life where I can make decisions based on what I want, not what my financial situation, society or family tell me to.’ – Georgia
  • ‘My dream is to be a career consultant for young women. I want to help them recognise their passion, power and talents so they make the best career choices that they can.’ – Marin
  • ‘My dream is to truly live in the present. I spend so much time planning the future or thinking about the past that I forget the present. So I dream to have the power to be present every day and actually enjoy life more.’ – Charlotte
  • ‘My dream is to help stop bullying and to teach young people about respecting themselves and what they have been through.’ – Shannen
  • ‘For my passion/business to earn enough for me to go full-time and quit the office job. Slowly chipping away at making that dream a reality.’ – Kimberly
  • ‘My dream is for there one day to be no wars or fighting of any sort on earth. I’m thirteen years old, so I hope in my lifetime I will see my dream come true.’ – Monique
  • ‘I dream to one day have breakfast with the giraffes at the Giraffe Manor in Africa after an amazing safari.’
  • ‘My dream is to nurse in a paediatric hospital on Christmas Day, to make the day exceptionally special and make children smile through a difficult time.’
  • ‘My dream would be to go to Denmark to the Happiness Institute and meet Mike Weiking and discuss all things happy while eating pastry.’
  • ‘My dream is to open up a rescue centre for all animals, every shape, every size, and to never have to turn away an animal in need.’
  • ‘To own my own business that makes a positive difference to my community, and to be a role model to my daughter. I want her to see me practise the importance of having ambition, working hard, chasing dreams, but also taking time off and prioritising health and giggles with family.’
  • ‘To be a music therapist, spread the power of music, cure people with it.’
  • ‘To grow my business to a point where I feel fulfilled and have enough money to spoil my family and thank them for all they have done for me.’
  • ‘To live beside a beach and walk my dogs on it every day.’
  • ‘One of my biggest dreams is to buy a place, renovate it and live in it!’
  • ‘To own a summer place in Sweden, close to my parents to make it easier for us to visit every year and also to have something to pass on to my children to help keep their strong connection with my heritage once I am gone.’ – Jen
  • ‘One of my dreams is to enjoy a traditional British Christmas with my family back in the UK. Then to travel north to welcome the new year in Edinburgh with Iain’s Scottish family. And then to Finland to spend time with my family before heading north to see the Northern Lights in Lapland. So excited!!!!!!’ – Sue
  • ‘Sell my home-grown organic fruit and vegetables at farmers’ markets out of a small vintage caravan called “Ollie, the Organic Van”.’ – Lil
  • ‘Open a retreat on my five-acre farm specifically for families going through hardship with their children in hospital (a home away from home) just as we did staying at Ronald McDonald House when our twins had heart surgeries.’ – Rebecca
  • ‘To travel to New York, stay at a beautiful hotel, do the High Line walk, eat at ABC Cocina and visit the MoMA museum.’ – Mel
  • ‘Compete in a triathlon (just started adult swimming lessons!).’ – Nicole
  • ‘After seeing the exhibition “Monet’s Garden” with my mother, I have dreamt about being able to take her to his garden in Giverny, France, that inspired so many of his masterpieces, to see this beautiful place together.’
  • ‘To visit the cherry blossom trees in Japan as my grandfather told me “they were out of this world to behold”. He visited them while he was stationed in Japan after the Second World War.’
  • ‘See the Northern Lights.’
  • ‘To take Hanna to New York for her thirteenth birthday.’ – Jen
  • ‘Make a big positive impact on someone else’s life.’
  • ‘My dream is fairly simple ... it’s to live a life full of love, happiness and health, so that I can better the lives of people around me.’
  • ‘My dream is to do something that involves sharing information, ensuring people are better off today than they were yesterday, and empowering people (and businesses) to take control. I had a light bulb moment and realised that OHS consulting was for me.’ – Lisa
  • ‘I love singing. I like sharing the songs that inspire me with others. My dream is to hold a live concert with friends who have the same dream.’
  • ‘My dream is simple. To own my story, to be in the driving seat of my own life. To overcome the things holding me back.’
  • ‘My dream is to one day own a restaurant. I have recently found a passion for cooking beautiful food and I would love to open a business venture where I can inspire people with wonderful food, as well as create a place for people to come together.’ – Rose
  • ‘My dream is not to have to work for money. To be financially free!’ – Mable
  • ‘My dream is to travel the world researching and writing about food, to expand people’s knowledge about different cultures and cuisines. Food is a huge connector and I believe exposing people to different cuisines is a great way to bridge our differences and celebrate our similarities.’ – Vic
  • ‘My dream is to be a coach for women who struggle to find the confidence and drive to take action on their dreams.’ – Alana
  • ‘One of my biggest dreams is to take a year off work to travel – or the ultimate dream – having a job that allows me to work remotely so I can travel as much as I can!’ – Britt
  • ‘My dream is to complete the four-part book series I’ve been working on since 1999 based on music my sister wrote for piano. I am currently half way through book three.’ – Jason
  • ‘My dream is to see my mother beat her battle with cancer and to be able to take my parents on the cruise they have always wanted to go on.’ – Michelle
  • ‘I dream about building a new home that has a small private extension where my mother can live too. My mother gave me everything that I ever needed in life and if I build this house, I can tempt her to leave the green hills of Ireland and come live with me, at least for a few months each year.’ – Leanne
  • ‘I have a dream where all humans are treated equally – in love, in respect, in wealth, in health, etc. – no matter where they’re from. Who knows, we might not be the only humans in the universe.’ – Robert
  • ‘My dream is to become a life coach.’
  • ‘I dream that when my wife and I are in our twilight years and the boys have grown up and have their own families, we will have amazing Christmases together and celebrate with grandchildren.’ – Tony
  • ‘My dream is to open my own wellness café and yoga studio by the beach on a tropical island.’ – Lotus
  • ‘My lovely husband is in the army and we are on the move every few years – my dream is for us to buy a property in our home state so we can visit our family as often as we’d like, and eventually be able to call that house a home.’ – Deanne
  • ‘I would love to one day live in a foreign country! Even if it’s just for a short amount of time, I think it would be an amazing personal and cultural experience.’ – Jess
  • ‘My dream is to one day dance for the National Ballet. Just being able to perform and call myself a member of the company would be a dream come true.’
  • ‘My big dream is to give my girls (five-year-old and two-year-old) a life full of adventure and purpose. My small dream is to give them daily or weekly adventurous and fun quality time that fills up their love cup.’ – Tasha
  • ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.’ – Martin Luther King Jr


Please, add your dreams in the comments below if you’d like to share too. No matter how small or big. Your dreams matter.

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