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🌈 Embrace wellbeing on every level - body, mind, and soul.

Our Dream Life Wellness Journal is here to help you create a beautiful platform for your dream life. Ready to take the first step? Explore our Wellness Edit here...
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For a Wonderful Christmas

With our famous Christmas Planner, Cards, Christmas Shopping Lists & more...
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We're here to help you create a life you love!

Explore personalised journals, diaries, planners, notepads, inspiring wall art... all curated for you by Kristina Karlsson. To help you create a life you wake up excited to live.
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Create a Morning Ritual You Want to Wake Up For.

Follow the simple prompts and guidance in your own time, leading you to create a morning ritual that works for you.

Money Planner Journal

Welcome to your new Money Planner Journal - a Dream Life x Ladies Finance Club collab.
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A Dream Morning Ritual: Your Step-By-Step Video Guide

How to create your dream morning ritual - that sets you up for a brilliant day, week, year... and life.
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Get Your Family on the Same Page

Simple. Practical. And so useful.
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Level Up Your Quarterly Planning....

Learn how to plan Quarterly with intention with this Journal & our valuable Video Workshop...
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For All the Mama’s…

Dream Life x Melissa Ambrosini Wholy Mama™ Journal. A carefully considered, guided every-day journal to help you capture beautiful moments & give yourself time for you.
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'Morning Pages' Journaling

It's become a valuable morning ritual for me and maybe it's something for you too?

Be Inspired by 150 Real Life Dreams of Real Life People. Free Download...

I love hearing people's dreams. They often inspire new dreams for me that I wouldn't have thought of. Enjoy glancing through this inspiring collection of 150 dreams of real-life people. I hope you find inspiration in the list for new dreams of your own… K 💛

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Give the Gift of Self-Care

Self-care comes in many forms, and in my experience, it’s the small things we do daily that make a big difference. Like daily journaling. Which is why we’ve created this wonderful Self-Care Journal for you.
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Notepads to Personalise

Over 100 beautiful & functional everyday use notepad styles to choose from, to help maximise your daily productivity...
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So simple, but life changing.

After 20 years of daily journaling, something changed when I started using this Daily Wins approach. It’s so simple but life changing - as simple things often are.
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New Bucket List Journal

Seize the day! Create a list of the things you would love to achieve & experience in your precious lifetime.
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Inspiring Framed Prints

Swedish design that brings a touch of style & everyday inspiration to the people in your work or living spaces. 25% off when you buy 2 or more...
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23/24 Mid-Year Diaries

the perfect mindfulness journal

Dream Life x Dr Elise Bialylew

We team up with the Founder of Mindful in May to bring you what really is a mindfulness program in a journal. Perfect to bring you calm & clarity...
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Gratitude Journal

I've spent years studying & practicing gratitude. Here's the journal I use. Put you own name on the cover...
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Personalised Photo Cards

Add a photo and personalise the words on the front and the inside message.
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Add Your Name to The Cover

Gorgeous undated spiral bound planners

Inspiring Swedish Design for Growth Minded People.

Welcome to a new adventure. A future bigger and brighter than your past. Brimming with possibilities. Your Dream Life awaits and we're here to help.