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Get Your Daily Progress Journal

Includes all the tools, exercises & formats I personally use to plan for the next 90 days - and to track progress daily. Stay focused on what’s most important. Turbo-charge your productivity.
A5 Spiral Journal - Daily Progress - Quarter 2 - Sand
A5 Spiral Journal - Daily Progress - Q2 Floral - Lilac
A5 Spiral Journal - Daily Progress - Q2 Floral - Pink
A5 Spiral Journal - Daily Progress - Q2 Plans - Blue
A5 Spiral Journal - Daily Progress - Plan Your Q2 - Yellow

Beautiful 2023 Diaries

In a range of beautiful Swedish designed styles - with your name on the cover. Helping you unlock productivity, new habits & wellbeing.
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23/24 Mid-Year Diaries

Just beautiful - and ready to be yours... 42 cover designs to choose from. And personalise with your name or favourite words.
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Cuppa.TV x Dream Life Self-Care Journal Collaboration

A powerful journal for daily self-reflection and self-care...
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Notepads to Personalise for Gorgeous Gifts.

Over 90 beautiful & functional everyday use notepad styles to choose from, to help you organise daily... Buy 3 or more and get 33% off.
A4 Weekly Notepad - Summer - Blue
A4 Weekly Notepad - Kastanj
A4 To Do Notepad - Dots - Black
A4 To Do Notepad - Minimal
A4 Weekly Plan Notepad - Dots - Blue
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Gifts for Growth Minded Kids …and the Young at Heart!

So fun to journal with kids. Get them off to a flying start by nurturing growth minded thinking. And perfect cute designs for the young at heart.
A5 Journal - Gratitude - Summer
A5 Journal - Gratitude - Rainbows -Pink
A5 Journal - Gratitude - Rainbows - Mint
A5 Journal - Gratitude - Cats
A5 Journal - Rainbow
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Personalised Photo Cards

Add a photo and personalise the words on the front and the inside message.
Easily Capture priceless daily memories

For All the Mama’s…

Dream Life x Melissa Ambrosini Wholy Mama™ Journal. A carefully considered, guided every-day journal to help you capture beautiful moments & give yourself time for you.
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'Morning Pages' Journaling

It's become a valuable morning ritual for me and maybe it's something for you too?
The Wholy Mama™ Journal - Sand
The Wholy Mama™ Journal - Pink
The Wholy Mama™ Journal - Ocean
The Wholy Mama™ Journal - Light Tan
Personalised Card - For You - Sand
This will change lives

New Bucket List Journal

Seize the day! Create a list of the things you would love to achieve & experience in your precious lifetime.
a must have guided journal

So simple, but life changing.

After 20 years of daily journaling, something changed when I started using this Daily Wins approach. It’s so simple but life changing - as simple things often are.
A5 Journal - Bucket List - Hot Pink
A5 Journal - Bucket List - Blue
A5 Spiral Journal - Bucket List - Black
A5 Journal - Bucket List - Grey
A5 Journal - Bucket List - Green
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Gratitude Journal

I've spent years studying & practicing gratitude. Here's the journal I use. Put you own name on the cover...
A5 Journal - 365 Days of Gratitude - Blue
A5 Journal - Gratitude - Mint
A5 Journal - Gratitude - Grey
A5 Journal - Gratitude - Pale Pink
A5 Spiral Journal - Gratitude - Pink

Inspiring Swedish Design for Growth Minded People.

Welcome to a new adventure. A future bigger and brighter than your past. Brimming with possibilities. Your Dream Life awaits and we're here to help.