How to Create Your Dream Morning Ritual - Even When You Have NO Time

I hear you. Mornings can be a rush and although you love the idea of a nourishing, energising morning ritual to kick off your day - you have no idea how you could possibly fit anything different into your mornings...


But I know you can - and here's how...


Just Start Small

Start by taking just 2 minutes to consciously think through what your current morning routine is...

  • When do you usually wake?
  • What do you do in the hour or so after waking, when and for how long?
  • What do you want or need to preserve in that routine?
  • What time to you usually go to bed? (...your morning ritual actually starts the night before - with the time you go to bed!)
  • What would you like to change or add to give yourself the best possible start to your days?


Our new Morning Ritual Journal will help you reflect on questions like these and more... and guide you to find simple, small steps - energising rituals - that you can incorporate into your mornings. Even when you feel limited by time. 


Think Simple...

Start with the simplest of actions, which will have big long-term positive impact when repeated every morning consistently, like...

  • 5 deep breathes in bed on waking.
  • 30 seconds reflecting on 1 thing you're genuinely grateful for before getting out of bed.
  • Lighting a candle and incense as you prepare breakfast.
  • Sitting quietly somewhere alone - for even 60 seconds -  as you enjoy your morning tea or coffee, mindfully. Savouring each sip and readying for the day.
  • Writing just one sentence of intent for the day ahead in a journal, starting with the words 'Today is going to be wonderful because...'
  • Or using the simple daily journaling prompts in our Morning Ritual Journal


Start Your Day Feeling Amazing

Having a simple morning ritual has been such a significant thing for me – giving me daily inspiration & energy – and I'd love to inspire you to create your own morning ritual. Starting small. Remember...

"Your life begins each morning..."


Use our beautiful Morning Ritual Journal as your starting point. It's what I wish I had when I started my journey of moving from rushed mornings to a nourishing and calm morning ritual that sets me up for wonderful days more often than not.

Available in a range of cover designs that you can personalise - it will guide you to create and maintain a simple morning ritual that works for you.

Simple Prompts...

Our beautiful new Morning Ritual Journal has pages at the front with simple prompts that guide you to review your current morning routine and then create your simple, ideal morning ritual. Including encouraging you to focus on 'you why'...

It then has pages to track and help you maintain your new daily morning ritual for 12 weeks. Building daily habits that will have you feeling fantastic.



Video Workshop -> Take the Fast Track...

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love learning from someone who knows and lives what you want to learn about - and can help fast track you with their experience.

Which is why I’ve recorded this 10 module Video Workshop, where I take you through a simple and effective process that culminates in you having your very own Dream Morning Ritual ready to go.

You can use the Video Workshop in conjunction with your Morning Ritual Journal to fast track you – and it's something you can go back to again and again whenever you feel the need to refine the way you start your days.

Have a look here to get a feel for what’s in the workshop  

...AND as a bonus I've included a sneak peek video to show you my own morning ritual. Which might inspire some ideas for your own.

Go on, invest even a little time in creating a morning ritual that you can't wait to wake up for. You're so worth it, you'll feel great and you'll set yourself up for productive and balanced days more often than not.





Dream Life Founder



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