Meet the Dream Life Community: Debbie Holzgraefe, US based Platinum Coaching Member

Meet Debbie Holzgraefe - a friend, wife, sister, colleague, mentor, HR Compliance & Policy Manager… and Platinum Coaching Member who loves hiking, birding, writing, helping others achieve their goals (or think through what they might want to do…)


How did you first discover Kristina and the Dream Life Community?

“I first found kikki.K when I visited Sydney in 2013. Loved the stationery and then just kept up with workshops and various offerings Kristina had over the years.”

Briefly describe what was happening in your life that led you to participate in the Dream Life Community?

“In October of 2021 my Dad died. November, 2021 I turned 50. December, 2021 was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and had surgery. January, 2022 my Mom died. February/March, 2022 I had radiation.

Just a lot of heavy stuff in a short period of time and I wanted to do something for myself.”

What do you love about Platinum Coaching?

“It's been helpful to have a community, even though I'm not always able to join the sessions live due to time zones. I also like the GROW Book Club part of it - how that has expanded the books I read and how there is always one or two things I can implement immediately.

It gives me clarity and helps me plan my next steps and I love the weekly rhythm of sessions, the ongoing learning, the speakers, Kristina's experience sharing, the inspiration from others in the program and the way it inspires and empowers me in general.”

What are the most valuable elements of Platinum Coaching for you?

“Probably Kristina's coaching and the guest speakers. And learning what others are doing…”

What Dream(s) are you focussing on at the moment in your coaching?

“I have felt a bit adrift right now. Had a dear friend and colleague die from colon cancer at age of 37 - leaves behind her husband and 3 young children. I've been a little overwhelmed with that and the funeral services that I haven't focused a lot on me right now.

But I want to get back to focusing on myself!”

What dreams have you made happen through coaching so far?

“I’ve gotten a more clarity about what I want to do in my next career phase and/or retirement.”

What's been the biggest breakthrough or achievement for you as a result of your participation in the Platinum Coaching Program?

“Taking time for me. I think the Morning Pages and Morning Ritual has been one of the things that has really stuck and helped me stay grounded this year.”

Debbie rates her experience with Platinum Coaching an 8/10 and the personal growth she’s experienced from coaching an 8/10 also.

What words describe how you feel about your progress?

“Started but more to go.”

On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Platinum Coaching to someone you felt would benefit from it?

Debbie’s rating was 8/10.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Platinum Coaching?

“If they are in a time zone that isn't favourable to attending the calls live, make sure they schedule time to listen to the recordings and do the online course modules.”

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