Meet the Dream Life Community: Dora Peake, Platinum Coaching Member

Meet Dora Peake - a Business Executive, Mother, Wife, daughter and Platinum Coaching Member who loves reading, journaling, exercise and personal development...

How did you first discover Kristina and the Dream Life Community?

“Years ago I attended a free online course with Kristina and I’ve never looked back.”

Briefly describe what was happening in your life that led you to participate in the Dream Life Community?

“I knew that I had both an appetite and an agitation to achieve far more in my life. I was looking for personal development and the motivation to achieve more than what I had.

I felt the inclination to learn as much as I could and enrich this one precious life I have.”

What do you love about Platinum Coaching?

“It helps me create & maintain clarity on my goals & dreams - and really helps me plan my next steps.

I like the weekly rhythm of the coaching sessions on a Monday evening - and I love being part of the Platinum Community. The ongoing learning is great, as are the speakers - all helping with overcoming my own challenges.

And I love the way it inspires and empowers me in general.

I also love the different focus areas each month which help to expand my growth and development - making me consider all aspects of life and driving different focuses that complement the wholeness of my life.”

What are the most valuable elements of Platinum Coaching for you?

“Kristina sharing experience and learnings each month is invaluable to me. I also absolutely love the guest speakers. Each is unique and whilst they are complementary they are also absolutely unique.”

What Dream(s) are you focussing on at the moment in your coaching?

“Beautification of my home, personal development, health.”

What dreams have you made happen through coaching so far?

“I've achieved more than I had even dreamed of. Career goals, connection with extended family and friends was a core focus which I have made happen (and yes it's definitely ongoing).

Establishing a beautiful and practical morning routine, meditating daily, journaling and reflection daily (am and pm) and some more material goals such as purchases I've made (which required saving)."

Dora rates the feeling she has as she reflected on all she’s been able to achieve as a 9/10.

What's been the biggest breakthrough or achievement for you as a result of your participation in the Platinum Coaching Program?

“Mindset is everything. When I consider all the goals I’ve achieved but also the ones I am working on or dreaming about, I realise that I can do anything with the right mindset (and not just when things are going great, that is too easy) - especially when there are more challenges than hours in the day.

The way I approach things has fundamentally shifted and the courage this gives me is beyond what I thought possible.

I’ve realised I’ll be a lifelong learner, as you never get to a destination, you have the opportunity and privilege to keep growing.”

Dora rates her experience with Platinum coaching a 9/10 and the personal growth she’s experienced from coaching a 9/10 also.

What words describe how you feel about your progress?

“Confident. Surer of myself. More mature. Calmer. Wiser. Capable.”

On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Platinum Coaching to someone you felt would benefit from it?

Dora’s rating was 10/10.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Platinum Coaching?

“Come prepared to learn and challenge yourself. Place no limits on who you can be and practice consistency to get the best results.

Show up and participate and you will incrementally shift as a person. Better, wiser and more beautiful than you ever thought possible when you commenced.

This program will influence and impact every aspect of your life in the most positive way but you will need to do the work!”


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