Transforming Overwhelm into Opportunity: A Valuable 60 Minute Online Video Workshop


It was wonderful to recently to run a new workshop From Overwhelm to Clarity in 60 Minutes, which was essentially taking people through a process I’ve developed and used myself hundreds of times to clear my mind, and set me in the right direction.

- - -

I was quite overwhelmed a few weeks ago, and I did this exercise myself, which as always left me feeling SO much better.

And then I was speaking to a girlfriend later about how helpful it always is, when she suggested “you should share this with everyone”. So I did!

And it was such a success – with a vibrant group of people from around the world who dialled in on Zoom, eager to reclaim their sense of calm, clarity, and direction.

The workshop, designed to combat the ever-pervasive sense of overwhelm that seems to creep up on us all from time-to-time, unfolded as yet another example of the power of taking time to reflect in a structured way, with a community of like-minded people.

The Genesis of Clarity

Our gathering began with introductions, setting the stage for a personal and communal learning experience.

I shared the origins of the workshop, born from my own moments of overwhelming chaos, and how transforming these feelings into structured plans paved the way for profound personal and professional growth.

A Blueprint for Balance

We dove into the heart of the matter with a brainstorming session, taking time to create categories relevant to each person’s life circumstances - and then using these categories to dump every thought and task that cluttered our minds.

This exercise wasn't just about listing; it was about acknowledging the weight we carry and beginning the process of changing the way we carry the load so it feels much lighter.

“It’s not the load that breaks us, it’s the way we carry it”


Priorities as Our Compass

With our many mental to do’s and scattered thoughts laid bare on paper in meaningful categories, we ventured into the realm of prioritization.

Determining what's urgent and what's important allowed us to see beyond the fog of busyness, illuminating our true north. So it wasn't merely an exercise in organization but a deeper exploration of our values, aspirations and true and meaningful priorities.

The Path Forward

As we outlined our top priorities, a palpable sense of purpose filled the virtual room.

This was more than planning; it was a declaration of intent, a commitment to ourselves and our dreams. And as we discussed the activities and habits that no longer served us, we embraced the power of saying ‘no’ to make space for what truly matters.

A Community of Support

The workshop culminated in a vibrant Q&A session, where attendees shared insights, sought advice, and celebrated the communal journey we’d embarked on.

The positive feedback was overwhelming, with one attendee noting, "This session transformed my chaos into clarity, giving me the tools to tackle my tasks methodically."

An Invitation to Continued Growth

For anyone who missed this simple and transformative experience, I invite you to access the workshop recording and downloadable workbook, available for $49 here...

Be sure to take at least 60 minutes in a quiet and inspiring space – where you won’t be interrupted – to watch, listen and use your downloadable workbook to take a 60 minute journey from feeling overwhelmed to feeling clear.

Enjoy 💛


PS: This is just the beginning. Stay with us on the Dream Life  journey as we continue to explore the boundaries of what's possible when we dare to dream.

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