Welcome to my new 'Lemonade Stand'!

I am soooo excited that my new little Dream Life Store is open!!!!

Some of you may know that life has dished me up more than my fair share of lemons lately – like many who have been impacted by this crazy pandemic - so I’ve been working away making the best lemonade I know how.

I’ve always wanted to make the most of this one precious life I've been given. To make the most of my potential and to leave the world a better place for my having existed.

And that's what led me to discover my big crazy dream – to inspire and empower 101 million people to write down three dreams and go chase them…

And it’s what led me write my first book (Your Dream Life Starts Here), to create the Dream Life movement and to create courses, workshops, masterclasses, events and clubs to inspire, support and empower people the world over to discover and chase their dreams.

Launching this Dream Life Store is one more step in that journey.

...it’s an online only curated collection of beautiful products to inspire, empower & support you and others wanting to live fulfiling lives.

Inspiring Posters, Framed Prints and Art Cards. Comfy T-Shirts with inspiring quotes. Beautiful Jewellery engraved with empowering words… Inspiring objects for you - or for you to gift to those you love.

I just love doing this for you and for the world. My little heart and soul is in this store and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Please feel free to share this news with all of your friends & family, and let them know Kristina has set-up a new little lemonade stand(!)

And if you can relate to the Lemons theme, checkout my LEMONS Posters and LEMONS Framed Prints.

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