#219 Monday Motivation: 219: The Rest of My Life, the Best of My Life...


Welcome back to another inspiring episode of Monday Motivation 🤩

In today's episode, we delve into a question that often lingers in the back of our minds: how do we shift from merely existing to truly living - and I want to challenge you with this powerful quote or mantra that I really love:

I've seen too many people living by default, stuck in unfulfilling careers or occupations, and not realizing their dreams.

This episode is an invitation to those who yearn for more - to take control and create a life you adore. Now 🤩

Here are three key learnings we explore:

  1. Open Your Mind to Growth: It all starts with believing in the possibility of change. Have faith in your ability to transform your life.
  2. Dream Big and Start Imagining: I urge you to dream without limits. It's not just about dreaming; it's about envisioning your life when those dreams turn into reality.
  3. Begin Today, Surround Yourself with Positivity: Take that first step towards your dreams today. Remember, the company you keep can influence your journey. Surround yourself with people who uplift and support your dreams.


Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and declare that the rest of your life will be the best of your life? I hope you join me in this journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Tune in to this episode for inspiration and practical tips to start living your dream life. Now 🤩💛

As always, I’d LOVE to hear what resonates with you from this episode and what you plan to implement after listening in. You actions are what truly matter.

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Let's dream big, take bold actions, and make it happen 💛 



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Full transcript:

Hi there and welcome back to another Monday Morning Motivation episode.

I often think about how people are making decision to make the most of their life. To really take the drivers seat of their own life and create a life they love. Sadly, I often see the opposite, where people are living by default, going to a job they don’t love, not having enough money to travel the world and go on fun adventures, not looking after their health and wellbeing or taking time to think about what they really want out of this one precious life we have been given.

So, why is that? I don’t have the answer, and of course, there are lots of different reasons. But if you are listening to this podcast, I will assume that you are not one of these people and that you are interested in making the most of your life, even if you haven’t started yet or perhaps you don’t know what that mean yet. 

SO if this is you or if you are listening and you think there are more to life, I would like to encourage you to put a line in the sand this month and decide that you are going to make the rest of your life, the best of your life, regardless of your post.

So many people are living in the past. And of course, very understandable if there has been some hard times or tough circumstances and everyone has to find a way of dealing with their past, as there are not one strategy. But once you have worked out how to do that, and done the work required, it’s time to say, enough is enough because you cant’ change the past, you can just learn from it. The best part of that is that we got some wisdom from the past and we know what hasn’t been working so you can choose a different path. So today I want you to think about when you will draw a line and say: I’m going to make the rest of my life the best of my life.

So once you have decided, here are my some tips to get going:

  1. Open to your mind to growth and what is possible. Beliveing that you can change your life is the first step. You need to have faith that you can do this even if you don’t know how yet
  2. Dream big  - no surprises here from me – I always start with dreaming – dreaming if you have no idea how to make it happen
  3. Start imagining how your life could look like if you make your dreams come true
  4. Start with working on 3 dreams or goals for 2024
  5. Read books around the topics that will help you make your dreams & goals come true
  6. Be around like minded people. When we decide to change, not everyone in our inner circle, say partners, family and friends will agree with your new decision, so make sure you got like minded people around you
  7. Start today. The hardest part is to start but you have to start to get on your way.

So my question for you today is, are you ready to make a decision & draw a line and make a decision that from today you will make the rest of your life, the best of your life. I really hope you will because there is only one person who can make your dreams & goals come true & that is you.

Have a great Monday and a great week and I will be back on Friday, I’ll see you then!

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