#226 - UNIQUE WAYS TO REINVENT YOU, with Shaynna, Nicole, Sarah & Kristina



Hello & welcome back!

There are many and varied ways to reinvent yourself, and in this episode we talk about a couple of unique ones that could take you a step beyond your comfort zone.

Here's What You'll Discover:

  • Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: Learn how embracing new adventures can spark your creativity and drive.
  • Embrace the Power of Community: Understand the importance of being surrounded by like-minded dreamers and doers.
  • Step Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Discover how pushing your boundaries can lead to growth and self-discovery.

This episode gives insights into how people can fast-track, dream bigger to live a life filled with purpose & passion.

Whether you're contemplating a new venture, a reset or seeking a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose, let this episode inspire you with a couple of quite different ways you could go about it.

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Hi there and welcome back to another episode. This week I decided to invite. Back the incredible ladies that I run the retreat with in Fiji, we are actually going on another retreat in Fiji in October, 2024. So I wanted to talk a little bit about the experience we had and also the people who attended the retreat had.

And we are doing something really exciting. We are joining entrepreneurship, which is on the Virgin Voyager on a cruise to Tasmania. It's something new and a bit different. I have never been on a cruise before, but I'm really excited for this one to be the first one. And as we often say here on your dream life podcast, we need to get out of our comfort zone to do amazing things.

And that will certainly be the case for me to go on a cruise. If you want to join the entrepreneurship or the Fiji retreat in October, I think you will love this episode. But if you don't listen anyway, because it's all about thinking outside the square and think about new dreams and possibilities as entrepreneurs of your own life.

I could never. ever have imagined what I would have experienced in this life after writing down the dream to just start my own business. It has been, and it is an amazing journey. So let's get straight into it.

Well, hello there, ladies, and a very warm welcome. I am so excited to have you guys back because we had the most amazing time Fiji at our retreat. And we're just about to do another one this year and also do something completely new. So it's amazing to have you guys on. Before we get started, I'd love to hear from all of you.

What dream or goal or habit do you have for 2024? Maybe we'll start with you, Shaina. Oh, okay. So I'm going to, I'm actually going to do a goal. And it was one of those ones that I really fleshed out while we were on the retreat and the goal is having a, and I won't say what it actually is, but having another design project that's a personal one and it's in action.

And for me is to have that completely fulfilled and out there by the end of the year, which is a bit of a. A shift and change in how I run my business. And unless I set it as a full goal and fleshed it out during our retreat. I don't think it would have been a reality. So my goal is to make sure that I stick to that.

Ah, I love that. And it's so, you said something really important there, just to get away sometimes to do our own work is so important, especially when we give to others. So love that. Can't wait to hear what that's all about. Sarah, how about you? That's a good one. I absolutely, I've got so many, I don't know if, no, even know where to start, but I probably, my biggest one is I really wanted to work on my energy this year.

And I know a lot of women my age feel the same. So I'm 41 now and I've definitely noticed that kind of funny little impact around like my mood and just. My levels of tolerance and, you know, I find myself just like wanting to punch people in the face, you know, and then having to stop doing that. No, all jokes aside, um, I just wanted to kind of work on my mood and interestingly enough, by focusing on sleep and food and exercise, I've already noticed a huge improvement.

So I bought myself a new Garmin watch. I've been tracking some of my health stats and just really taking control of that part of my life. And I feel ready. Amazing, which is really cool. I love that. Sleep solves everything. I think. So important. So I love that. Can't wait to follow that journey with you.

How about you, Nicole? Oh, mine? Um, everyone who knows me knows that, uh, I've got a few areas of my life that are Looking like they're going along really well. And that's because I focused on them the last couple of years. And, and so this year, what you opened up for me, Christina, in CG, in our own Reinvent You, was this amazing portal of dreaming in lots of different areas of my life.

Followed by Shana, um, also opening out my scope. And of course, Sarah, with um, just trying things on. So I've looked at the Wheel of Life. So I've got my own Wheel of Life version. DM me if you'd like it. And I look at the eight aspects of my life. And this year, all I looked at was what was my intention for each area of life.

And what was I inspired to do in the next 12 months there. And I realized that I was off the charts in some areas of my life, but I got to tell you, fun and hobbies, family and friends, were probably about a 2 out of 10. Wow. And so, I've got a beautiful intention that I'm holding for each of those spaces.

And the interesting thing is, I'm making decisions. Those intentions are now running as the program in the background. And I'm unintentionally making these priorities of people and things. And I go, Oh, that's where that's from. It's been a mind, mind shift from all of you. Thank you from Reinvent You. And then I brought it into the fore.

I love that. And I think that's such a good, um, topic to end. I'll just share mine. And then I want to move over to talk about entrepreneurship, because I think so many people who will be joining us on the entrepreneurship will actually have that wheel of life, similar, similar numbers, because often us as entrepreneurs, We put ourselves and our friends and family on the back burner when we build a business.

And I think it's so important to obviously have a bit of balance. And sometimes we need to go, you know, one higher than the other, uh, when we are building something, but it will be really interesting to work on that, uh, on the entrepreneurship, but I'll share mine quickly and then we'll move on to, uh, talk about, uh, Fiji and entrepreneurship.

So mine, I, I've got two really big ones this year. I'm going to 10 X my business and I'm going to 10 X my health. And, um, Equally passionate about both. So I think it's gonna be very interesting one. And I think, um, by focusing on our health, we will be able to do so much more. And that will give me the energy to then 10 X my business.

I'm really excited about that. And I also got so much out of all of your sessions in VGA as well. So super excited to redo that again this year with some even bigger dreams for next year. So Sarah, do you want to start with sharing a little bit about what you're Fiji and then a little bit about entrepreneurship, and then we can all join in and talk what we will deliver in both.

Yeah, absolutely. Um, can you believe it was like less than five months? It was like four and a bit months ago when we were on the beautiful shores of Fiji. And I think why I love these experiences is because you fast forward just a short four months. and you see the impact not only that it's made on all of us, but also the people that chose to join us on that experience.

And that's honestly why I'm so passionate about the construct of travel and bringing people together. So it's that travel community and education all coming together in that beautiful mix that really does help you transform and help you transform in an accelerated and an amplified way. And I know that we've all personally taken away.

So much out of that experience, I not only took away, um, learnings and lessons from each of you, our friendship deepened, which we know has just been such a gift. And I absolutely adore each of you. And I continue to learn from each of you. And it's just such an inspiration and such a. A beautiful source of connection for I think all of us, but we also made friends with people who came on our experience.

I ended up bringing one of them with me to Antarctica just a couple of months after the experience. Pru, Aja, who took headshots of us at the experience and helped us rebrand and think about ourselves and our personal brand differently, joined me in Antarctica for an experience. So, you know, the friendships have kind of continued on and it's not just an adventure.

You know, as in a destination, it really is about those sparks and those connections that you make that continue on beyond that one experience, which I think was super valuable. So we know Fiji was insane. And so when I came to you guys and said, do you want to come on another adventure with me? We've got this kind of crazy idea to look, to create these communities and opportunities for young and emerging and thoughtful leaders and those who are exploring entrepreneurship.

And thankfully you said yes, because we've now got this amazing opportunity and this Communities around the world that people join to learn and grow and connect. You know, there's places like eo, you know, the Entrepreneurs Organization or YPO or or young Entrepreneurs, various things that sort of go on, and there's different things.

There's different boxes you sort of have to tick to be able to attend those, and I find that sometimes that becomes a little bit restrictive, especially for people who have a dream. You know, they have a dream that they want to explore and to explore that they're going to have to figure out, like, and go through the four D's that we love taking people through.

So I sort of see this as like a really fabulous entry level, like entree into entrepreneurship. So it's not just for established entrepreneurs, although there's lots in there for people who already are on the wild ride of entrepreneurship. There's also this fabulous entry point for people who are curious and who are interested in learning.

And I'm so excited that the four of us are going to give people a little bit of a preview into what our program is all about. And we've had such a great opportunity to refine that, haven't we, ladies? Absolutely, absolutely. So is this a good opportunity to talk a little bit about Feed Year and what people actually thought?

So maybe, Everyone can share a testimonial or something that, you know, are not just us, because we know that we loved it, but what other people also enjoyed. So, um, do you want to start with anyone can jump in actually? I don't know which order I said, but maybe Shaina, cause you're on the left here. I think I won't say people's names cause the testimonials were given privately.

But for me, I think was the case of unexpected and raw. And I think that's the thing of the, the element of safety that we created in that small group that we did say that people have to get raw to be able to get the best out of themselves, but whether they do that or not is another thing. And that was what I saw in a couple of testimonials that they appreciated that level of safety.

Which is what we gave. And also sharing some of our other stuff. Um, but also, you know, a lot of people, we were putting out there, didn't know what to expect. And especially like coming from me, what to expect from me as an interior designer, what can I do and help them. in their life purpose and where they're going in their direction and, and putting everything together.

And so I think the fact that we surprised people individually and collectively, and people took that leap to come in, not really a hundred percent understanding what it was going to do other than being able to look at how to be the best version of themselves personally, professionally, and emotionally.

And I think that's what we got out of it. And I know that's what I got out of it, but also. In the fact, what I got out of it from these testimonials is that we're on the right track and we are about changing people's lives in really positive ways where they walk away with actions. And I always get that.

I love that. Yeah. And this will come from an experienced coach perspective. Sometimes you're excited when you see someone walk away with a solution, and sometimes you're excited. Think people walk away more confused than what they walked in and actually. One of the interesting stories that I heard was a, you know, someone who actually felt quite disrupted by the whole experience, but found that really powerful.

And it was exactly what they needed. You know, they needed their own feathers ruffled and they needed that sense of kind of polarity and contrast and that kind of stir up. That got them to question everything that they were doing so that they could then figure out where to kind of go to next. But what they loved was that they actually came away with the tools to do that.

So it wasn't like they had that really disruptive, big overhaul and then were left there to kind of like, flat, like a little fishy out of the pond. It was actually, I'm surrounded by other little fishies who are also reinventing themselves and who have got that kind of community to tap into. And what we've loved seeing is those conversations that have continued where people are free to sort of say, look, I'm trying something new.

I would love some feedback. Can you give me some insight? What do you think of this versus this? And we've seen people rewrite their LinkedIn bios together. Or, uh, choose a cover for a podcast that they were launching together. And it's just been so lovely to sort of see that community transformation.

Couldn't agree more. I wanted to wrap a few ideas that other people had. As you said, it's so powerful when other people reflect our own intention, but there was nothing that I could have said better than I'm going to just read. This is just one person's from Godawo, just a couple of sentences. But I think it just builds and it says word for word exactly the areas that we're all feeling.

And that was, it was a life changing experience for me. I got so much out of the content. I loved each of the presenters and all of you worked so well together. Each person was in their own area of expertise, however it all aligned together. to deliver that fantastic overall experience and retreat. And that's the magic, um, as you were saying, Sarah, of us getting to know each other even better and us actually having our own D's.

But having those D's dovetail just so perfectly. I'd love to attend again. I like the setting of the resort. And I really like the retreat wasn't jammed from morning to evening with content. Uh, no time to implement. We had such, uh, space and time. Having afternoons and evening gaps was perfect. So I couldn't sum that up better than she has summed it up, and I'm so grateful.

As you said, you can try and lead a horse to water, but I think we actually led these unicorns to a raw forest where they could be real. And real was fine, just okay, as everyone else was real. It was just really beautiful to watch every unicorn come out and go, Oh, this is what I look like. It was great.

Yeah, I love that and I agree too, because I think so many people think they're alone on wanting to change or reinvent, but I believe we should reinvent all the time. I think we should always look at what is the next best version because as we age and as we grow and as our life changes, as it does. It does.

As time goes, I think it's a beautiful time to reinvent ourselves whenever we feel ready. And when you're not ready, it's even more impactful. We saw that with some people there. And the one that I, I looked into all the testimonials, especially around dreaming, because a lot of people think dreaming is like lofty and, uh, Perhaps just up in the sky.

And I think we should start there. And then we took them through all of the, uh, elements that we need, uh, finishing with, um, a plan. And I think that is so, so important to, to take the time to dream. And one of the girls said that she didn't think that she could actually dream. This big, and now she thinks she can even dream bigger.

And that's how I feel now. I feel like there's nothing I can't do. And that's an exciting place to be because then you can just absolutely create your dream life. And I felt like our content was so aligned, uh, so different, but so aligned. And, um, I'm so excited to do it again. And, uh, before we do it again, we are going to, uh, go on an entrepreneurship.

So, um, I love to hear from all of you. Why you think people should come on that trip with us? Well, I think Sarah should go first on that one. Oh, I'll happily go first. I mean, just background for anyone who's joining the call. I've been producing events and experiences for over a decade now, and I came into this realization that there's nothing better than combining travel with events and experiences because actually often you'd go and hire this big space.

to put on an amazing event and then you'd spend all this money transforming that into an environment or a container that would then scaffold the experience. I mean, shortly you then realize actually you can just take people on an adventure and that kind of gives you the shortcut. It's a little bit cheaper and it actually creates a significantly more impactful experience.

So I started experimenting by taking people on retreats and experiences and that was epic. And actually in December last year, I got invited on one of the Virgin Voyagers ships. It was my first cruise I'd ever been on. And it completely blew my mind and I'm actually going on my fourth next week with them and the fifth cruise that I go on with you guys will be when we we jump on on the 27th of February.

And that goes to show like how addictive this sort of experience is. There's something really magical about taking yourself out of your normal every day and being on the water. And then being surrounded by really great food and beautiful experiences, not having to think about cooking or cleaning or some of those, you know, things that can distract you from being able to be selfishly completely focused on.

a reinvention or a reimagine or even a reflection, whatever it is that your intention is for that particular experience. So I will forever be obsessed with travel experiences, retreats and events. And I probably will be producing about 50 of them this year. And this one I'm very excited about because.

It's, you know, it's easy. You can just jump on from Sydney and we go away for a few days and you come back with this opportunity to kind of hit reset on your life. And what a great time to do it at the beginning of the year, followed on of course by our Fiji retreat. Oh my goodness, which I do think having multiple opportunities to take yourself out of the grind.

And have that reflection and give yourself the opportunity to reinvent his release is super powerful. So, um, yeah, I think mark your calendars, people. These experiences are going to be pretty. Well, we like changing. We know that people will literally come away and change their lives. So, I mean, buyers beware.

If you don't want to change your life, don't come away with us. Don't come. Don't come. It's a non negotiable. Even if you don't try to or want to, it's in the water. Totally. And actually, if I can, um, add to that, Sarah, I've had the absolute Privilege and pleasure to be on the, uh, events that Sarah has been designing, developing, delivering for over a decade.

We were young when we started Babies , and, um, what fascinates me is, um, in that whole kind of research, when you're looking at, you know, in the journal of, uh, environmental psychology and, and we talk about this all the time as a team, it emphasizes that how natural environments just enhance that creativity and stress.

And one person I love is Stephen Kaplan, he's, uh, with his wife Rachel, uh, psychologist. Came up with the drama triangle, which I'm obsessed with too. But, um, he speaks a lot about soft fascination. And I've been fascinated with soft fascination for a number of years and soft fascination is what I try and do with clients all the time and it's rejuvenating that kind of strategic command center, our prefrontal cortex.

And the crucial part of that is being in nature or on water. So water is the greatest soft fascinator for our brain. So we actually can't kind of have that clear, creative, strategic thinking if we're in a hard focus all the time. So strategically being on that water gives us that beautiful soft fascination and that's where we actually need you to be to reinvent so couldn't have had it perfectly and I always kind of chart what I'm thinking and feeling in that environment for looking at brand and of course in this part of developed is looking at the personal brand, professional brand, purpose brand and I always set my context and I'd love to share with you the context that I set Because, you know, I love an analogy and it's basically in the vast ocean of your market.

Your authenticity is not just your compass, it's your lifeline. It's what distinguishes your brand in a sea of sameness. And so that kind of sets the scene for what we're going to be doing in that part. And then just imagining that professional, personal part of reInventU, it's your compass and your authenticity is your true north.

The compass isn't just a tool, it's that extension of who you are. So, we're not actually changing who you are now, we're changing who you're becoming. And that's been a fascinating thing to watch our wonderful community since Fiji. Amazing. What I'm looking forward to is the fact that people get to see what we're doing in bite sized chunks.

Because, you know, that the retreat is over four days, but On the entrepreneurship, we're one part of the pie and the experience. So people get to see the bite size chunks of what we do and how you can make changes in those very small ways. But also us being aligned and alongside all these other people, which I think is really important.

So people see the power of. Entrepreneurship isn't just about being a money making machine. It's about being an entrepreneur in your life in a very different way. And it's not just about money, it's about lifestyle. And, you know, we've got some really great speakers that are on board, on the ship, that come from that part of life.

You know, we've got the Founder of Swiss. We've got Monash University. So we've got that really important step into the business world. But also we've got that step into the human world. And, you know, between the four of us, we do a lot of that, but then we're aligning ourselves with people that Singly do the professional world, they do the wellness world, they do the personal world.

So I think I'm really excited to learn off other people, but also just to see who comes along to these and what are the changes they want to make. I love that. I love that. And I think, um, Shana, for you, this is also your first cruise, right? Yes, I'm a bit nervous. I've got lots of travel gum.

This is my, this is my virgin cruise as well. Oh, I love it. I love it. I love it. You guys might end up addicts like me. Who knows? And I think this is a really, really good one to actually reflect on because so many of us. We are in a specific pit, you know, we don't do cruises or we don't do this, we don't do that.

Who knows, next year we'll be camping. Don't worry, it'll be glamping, it'll be glamping. On Ives Hotel, the Ives Hotel. Exactly, exactly. We need to go to Sweden, we need to go to Italy, we need to go. We have lots of plans and obviously we will, um. We will share that. But for me, entrepreneurship is really interesting.

Having been an entrepreneur for a long time, I think us as entrepreneurs, we often get really similar to, you know, we don't do cruises to this is how we do our business. And this is how we do it. And my session would be all about thinking a little bit outside the square, dreaming big and setting a really big vision.

And this is not just for entrepreneurs. It's for also for people who might want to do a side hustle or an entrepreneur. Sheep journey, uh, whatever that is, starting your own business or, or joining forces with someone and do something you're passionate about, whatever that looks like for you. And, uh, I'm really excited about doing my dreaming exercise, but thinking very much, uh, in the entrepreneurial space as well as, as your personal life, because they really go hand in hand.

And I think that's why it's so amazing to do a travel that you spoke about for travel and having that adventure as well as educating. Yourself as well as meeting all these incredible speakers, because the friendship that I've got now, I couldn't even have imagined that when I started as an entrepreneur, all the, you know, meeting you guys and meeting so many amazing people all around the world.

So I'm super excited on doing this. And I'm also super excited about Fiji retreat. I actually changed one of my dreams when I was in Fiji, which I like to share. So on my dream list, so I have a top 10 that I want to do in my lifetime. And then I have. Hundreds of other ones that maybe I'll get to them, but maybe not, but they are top 10 and my top 10 has going to health retreats twice a year, but I changed.

I took the health away. I think health is super important, but I find that retreats you can actually incorporate, so we incorporated yoga and walking, and I think. Some people even run with you, Nicole, and no doubt we will be at the Virgin gym, uh, for the entrepreneurship that I could see that they even have a running track, uh, on the ship, which I loved, and obviously swimming and all that, uh, important stuff that we need to do in between all the learning.

And then of course, Fiji will be, I think we will take that to another level in terms of health as well. This year, and I'm super excited about that. So I have now changed my two times a year health retreat to two times a year retreats, whatever that is. And that opens up for so many opportunities. Um, and we have spoken about lots of things that we will do in the future, but this year it will be entrepreneurship and Fiji, which is super exciting.

I love that point that you were saying about dreaming, Christina, because what I didn't expect with a wonderful cohort in Fiji was we had a section of our cohort that was super dreamers. They were so cool at accessing their dreaming. I was sitting there going, where did you get that key? I was definitely behind the door when they were giving those keys out.

It's taken me 15 and a half years to find that. But, um, it was really interesting watching the people who could access their dreams, but then not have that implementation. And we had some great implementers who were implementing dreams that, you know, could have been bigger. And it was just really interesting to watch who could access what.

And then who was then kind of stretching a lot in the implementation side of the sessions as well. So it was really fascinating for me to watch, know that I'm not alone in not being able to access those dreams. I can now. Thanks to you and implement them thanks to Shayna and actually try things on and not be afraid.

Thanks to Sarah But it was really interesting looking at the people who are dreamers and then looking at the people who are implemented And that's why I think it's so important to come to all these kind of retreats with an open mind, because you'd never know how you can actually change. And I, I got so much out of it, knowing your content already, not knowing everything in detail, but definitely knowing a lot, I felt like I got so much out of it as a speaker.

I was as excited delivering and. attending it. So I'm super excited doing it again. And the work that we did, I feel we should all do at least once a year because we change, we evolve and we implement. And if we put everything into action, we will be new people by the end of October when our date is coming up for our new retreat.

Yeah, I think that's the thing we all shifted and changed and learnt so much. We knew what we were there for, but we got just as much out of it as what the attendees did. Yeah, really amazing. Which is why we're so excited to do it all again. Yeah, so what, for anyone who's listening, um, there might be some new listeners, there might be some people who've been thinking about it.

What is one reason to come on the Entrepreneurship with us? And what is one reason? for Fiji, just in kind of one sentence or a few more. I don't think we can do things in one sentence, but try. Nicole, start with you. Yeah, fascinating. It's not so much the content as the connective tissue. So coming on to entrepreneurship, we do have that.

Really soft fascination, but it's the connectivity between the sessions. It's the real humanness that we have to keep harvesting and harnessing as AI comes in. That human connection, nothing beats an eye to eye, heart to heart talk. You never know where it's going to go. So for me, Definitely for entrepreneurship, it's being there, it's being present.

It's bringing your humanness and it's the connective tissue between the sessions for MAGICA. I like that. I think the humanness and the face to face is something we're seeing more and more of, the importance of that. I know a lot of people were not quite ready for that, so much face to face last year, but it's very number one.

I think for me, it's also about the unexpected. And I think people to challenge themselves in the fact of they may not think it's what they want, but they'll actually find out it's what they need. Oh, I just love that. Yes. That is the basis of how I've always designed for people. You know, you come to me telling me what you want, but I actually leave you with what you needed.

And we transfer that to our whole life. And I think that's going to these types of things, especially entrepreneurship. I've never been on a cruise, those three of us have never been on a cruise, and I might say it's just what I needed, so who knows. But you might, and I think that's the beauty of experimentation and actually putting yourself into unfamiliar or uncomfortable places because it's only uncomfortable because you've ever been there before.

Comfort only comes from repetition. And actually, if you are in a zone of comfort, you are in a zone of repetition and you probably need a pattern disruptor. So, but I do think if there's one reason for people to go on, it's actually, yes, pattern disruption. I'm going to give you two because I'm a rule breaker.

But the second one is. Richard Branson is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, and there's a reason for that. And when you immerse yourself in the Virgin Voyagers experience, you get so much inspiration from what a great customer experience can feel like. Everything from the app all the way through to how they actually activate everything on board.

There's so much inspiration to be had. And personally, as a designer, as someone who has been in customer experience and, you know, a chief design officer for a large organization, I was in awe. of how that whole thing came together. And there's a lot of business wisdom that I was able to glean just from being part of that experience.

So yes, community, yes, patent destruction because it'll blow your socks out off, but also the ability to immerse yourself in a product that he has said is his absolute favorite of all time. And you kind of see why you can see the love that's been put into this. So it's a good one. And then for Fiji, you've either been there or you haven't.

But like I said before, the buy is the wear on that one is don't come if you want to stay the same. So, if you're looking for change, if you're looking for disruption, if you know you need to reinvent yourself, then that's the exact entry point. That's just the how. There's your ticket. You can literally just come and we will help you do that, which I just love that I can say it with that much confidence having been through it with you guys and having experienced the transformation myself to be able to go to market and say, Hey, you need change.

We can do that for you. It's pretty cool. Very exciting. Yeah. I love that you've created a new word there, Sarah, BISDEM, Business Wisdom. BISDEM. Yeah, BISDEM. We've got BISDEM coming out of our BISDEM. And I love yours, Christina. You've got the friend, you've got the friendship sailing as well. I love it. So for me, yeah.

As an entrepreneur, I think it's so important to take that time off and not having to go home to your normal life. Um, and actually being able to learn and really immerse yourself in the learnings and the experience of meeting all these people. But then as an introvert actually have a little bit of.

space for yourself as well. And I'm really excited cause I have actually haven't been to Mona yet. So I'm super excited to experience that as well as which is part of it. So, uh, as a creative, I love experiences like that. And also I know that for anyone who joins, we'll walk off that ship as an entrepreneur, whatever that means for them, for their own life, for their own business, for their organization.

And also. It's the beginning of the year and having that inspiration and excitement, beginning of the year, I couldn't think of anything more exciting. And I'm a bit of a scared of water and I'm not a cruise lover. So I am getting out of my comfort zone and I think it's absolutely perfect because we are now going to walk our talk.

Yeah. I think that's the thing. I'm not scared of water, but I'm scared of being seasick because I have been, I have terrible motion sickness and seasickness. So this is like you, Christina, so out of my comfort zone and, but I'm prepared to like, uh, myself with every sort of natural therapy and travel calm because I don't want to miss out on it because of my fear.

That's a good one. Yeah, I love that too. And that's actually a good question. I suppose to ask people who are listening. What is your fear holding you back from? What experiences, what level of evolution or, you know, reinvention is on the other side of your fear? And we all can speak from experience and know that it took.

Taking that one step, doing that thing that was going left instead of right or putting that foot in front of the other and in a direction that you were uncomfortable or maybe even afraid of that took us into whole new worlds. Including the four of us hanging out together. So there's good stuff to happen in saying yes, and trying different things, right?

Yeah, absolutely. And as a dreamer, when I started my business was all basically me writing down having a dream to one day have my own business, not knowing what that was going to be, not no experience in it, no contacts in a new country, second language, all those kind of fears that comes with that. And if I look back now, there's just no way I could even have dreamt that big back then.

Thinking what I would experience being part of being an entrepreneur, but also doing all these amazing retreats, et cetera, um, that we now have available for anyone listening. I think it's, it's just a game changer and you will walk away with new friends, like minded people. I think that is so important, big part of being an entrepreneur to be around other entrepreneurs.

But also if you want to become an entrepreneur. You want to hang with people who are ahead of you and can teach you, uh, what not to do, most importantly, but also, but also having fun. Like, I feel like we laughed, like when we actually met in person for the first night, I laughed so much.

It's so great to look back. So it's not just. you know, learning and business. It's also about enjoying life. And, and as far as we know, life is short. And even if we get to live long life, and we're going to look at health as well in both retreats and focus on that. So we can all live a long, healthy life to be able to enjoy all the things that life has on offer.

Love it. Amazing. So I hope everyone listening are really excited. I'm going to link to both Entrepreneurship, which is coming up very soon, end of February, if you're listening at the time of releasing this episode. And if not, we will be doing it again. So make sure you sign up to the waitlist if you're listening to this at a later stage.

But also Fiji, we have, we're going to only do a small group. So if you want to, um, sign up, make sure you go on the waitlist because, um, it will fill up and I'm really excited. It's a long waitlist already. Yes. I know. I know. Oh my goodness. I don't know how we're going to do it. But anyway, there's always a way.

So I'd like to finish off with a book recommendation. This is something we do on the podcast. It's very much appreciated with everyone listening because everyone here listening are always interested in growth and learning. So, um, I'd love for you to share a book that had an impact on your life or something you read recently or something you really enjoyed.

Here on Society. I will start because it's actually your fault. So you had recommended a book, The Spark Effect by Dr. Molly Sims, I think it is. And, uh, I mentioned at the beginning of the podcast episode that I recently bought my new Garmin watch and I've been tracking my health, my sleep, my heart rate variability and various other kinds of data points.

I'm really fascinated by biohacking and I probably didn't realize. how much I was biohacking already. So it was just so lovely to kind of bring a bit of conscious competence, I suppose. I was like, Oh, I'm actually doing some of this quite well. And it just made me feel really good about it. It's one of the first books that's been written specifically for women on biohacking and thoroughly enjoyed kind of the aspects around like the woman's cycle and hormones and that sort of thing.

So I'm so grateful that you nudged me to read that book because it's actually changing my life. So thank you. Great. Love it. Love it. Love it. It's a great book. So thank you for recommending that. We'll link to all the books in the show notes as well. Nicole. Oh, mine was one that I dived into over Christmas and it was actually an audio book.

I love this audio book by Dan Martell. It's called Buy Back Your Time. And the audio book's different because you hear Dan talk in between the chapters, which is extraordinary. You get as much out of that. What I loved is understanding of the entrepreneurial brain and how actually as entrepreneurs when we start in that early stage, we do have to do everything.

But we have to then quickly get into a process and an understanding of buying back our time in the next couple of stages. And it's fascinating because we get stuck in that time for money exchange or doing everything. And so a few things that changed for me, I've got an incredible team. I realized that I could tell them what I want rather than tell them what to do.

And so that has changed how we actually sync as a team. And it's helped me buy back my time as well. So. I thoroughly loved it. It was this whole entrepreneurial idea that eight years being an entrepreneur, I think I was still at stage one and I should have been a little further down, so it was great.

That's amazing, Nick. Oh, I'm reading that too, by the way, and it's amazing. Yeah, I haven't heard of them. They're great for me. I've been forcing myself as a novel reader. I love reading novels, so I haven't read any self help and I do a lot of podcasts on longevity, the blue zone and all that sort of thing.

So I sort of get my feel from my podcasts and I'm just not going to say what it is. I did read a book over the holidays that was life changing in the fact that it took my time away and I wasted my time on that book, which I was really angry about. So I actually went into the bookshop. On the weekend and bought the book that I really wanted to buy, but I had been swayed to buy this other book.

So I started reading it last night. It's called Wifedom and it's the missing wife of George Orwell. And so she had written a few letters between her and her girlfriend. And I think there's like maybe six or seven letters. So it's written as. It's the factual content of her letters, but then there's a made up story in between.

And I've only read a couple of chapters and it is so beautiful. And it's almost like that biopic documentary feel, but in written word. And it's a story and it actually showed me a different way. Of writing a different way of approaching something and for me, that's a little bit life changing because you know how we present and what we do, you know, we tell stories, but then also we add fiction.

So I'm actually thinking as I'm reading it going. Trace for some of these stories that we tell in presenting and what we do, is there a bit of fiction that we can add as a what if? Is there a bit of a fi a bit of fiction there to fluff out the story in presentation rather than just a novel? So to me, it actually set me on this different trajectory of thinking.

Yeah, not bad. And I think that's what books does. Like I just, that's why I love reading so much. And, you know, I always feel like every book, even if it's the same kind of theme, you know, I read a lot about health and a lot about productivity and personal growth. And I feel like I get something different each because it just make you think differently.

And I think novel does that as well. And I love that idea. So I, I'm going to read that. And I don't read a lot of novels because I'm similar to, you know, going back to your book. shopping experience. It's like I took all novels to a holiday once because everyone told me you can't read self help like what you do all the time.

So I packed my suitcase full of novels. And then I was like, I actually really want to read how to connect myself. So after that, I told my girlfriend, she said, you should read what you want. And I said, yeah, exactly. That's what I'm going to do. So I already shared so much on this podcast, my favorite. So I'm going to share one that we're just about to read in the book club.

For March and one that I think is really good because often when we think productivity, we think about getting more things done and getting more things done in less time versus this book, which is called the feel good productivity by Ali Abdaal and how to do more of what matters to you. And so we're going to read that in Grow My Book Club, but I love this book because he's actually a medical doctor turning YouTuber.

over 5 million followers, uh, or yeah, followers on YouTube. And he's also, uh, and he became a productivity expert and written a book about it because he, he learned how to be more productive studying and then how to be a better doctor. And then obviously, uh, starting his own business. And I love all the aspects that he has around that.

And, um, he's an amazing guy and it's a, it's really about feeling good about what you do and do what you love doing. So that's the book I recommend. I'll link to all of them. In the podcast. So before we finish off, I'd love for you just to share one thing that you got out of this podcast today. I've got one I was thinking about.

It's that whole concept of coming to something and not knowing if you're just not having the full confidence that you're in the right place or that you know all of your shit, you've got everything together. And it comes back to the beautiful work in etymology, the rich, um, all the real true meaning of words as they were designed.

And when you come into the word confidence, it actually it's true meaning is deep belief in oneself, but it's about momentum, even if you don't know what the outcome is going to be, and it's just showing up and keep moving forward. And when you look at confidence of some emerging entrepreneurs, you don't need to have everything together.

You just need to keep having a belief in yourself, moving forward, showing up and absolutely dive into this. It's reality that we don't know where we're going all the time. And that is true confidence. I love that. I remember when I was in corporate and I was feeling, I was called an intrapreneur and I was going through this whole identity around, like, I didn't feel just like an intrapreneur, like which sounds silly, but I sort of started to evolve into this idea of being an entrepreneur.

And I remember looking it up and it was kind of like. That is the person who's kind of at the front and they get to enjoy the rewards, but they're also the ones that are going through the process of setting up. And that's kind of the process of entrepreneurship. And so much of what I believe in design is about experimentation and it's about harnessing and harvesting those little green shoots as you go through whatever evolution that you're kind of leaning into.

And I think what I loved about today's conversation was actually remembering back to when I didn't think I was into cruises. which makes me laugh so much now when I open up my diary for the year and I'm going on so many trips and adventures. So it's just that reminder that you can think that you are one way.

And it's that I used to think that now I think and allowing yourself to kind of evolve and have that ability to become something new and holding yourself lightly, holding your thought of self lightly. So, you know, whatever it is that you think that you are, maybe that's what you are today, but What could you be tomorrow?

And I think that entrepreneurship is about that emergence, and it's about that exploration and that exploration and that kind of experimentation, if you like. And so I love that we're in this open and sort of discovery dream space. with you, Christina, once more. So thank you for bringing us back to Dreamtime.

I love it. I love it. I love it. Well, I, I've got out of this really, and it is the confirmation, but we've all been on holidays and I've sort of been singularly working at the moment. I'm working in different environments as I've been shifting and changing. But today has really been a reminder of the value of sharing.

And I think, you know, all of us collectively aren't afraid to share. F faults as well as our successes. And I think that's something that's makes us so real. And I just value what we're doing. But I think the fact is that we're not fearful of sharing because we don't care. What people, one, really do think about us and that's okay because you don't have to say the best of everything every time you share something.

I think it's the value of what you're all saying individually that makes me tweak. And the whole time I've had a pen and I'm really, I am all and I've had a pen and all these little different things. Yeah. Yeah. And I think, you know, when you hear a podcast with some person. As with one person singularly, but us sharing collectively the value of sharing as we're bouncing off each other, I just thinks pretty unique.

Yeah, absolutely. And I got something similar out of it because I often do one on one interviews or I do it solo. And having a conversation like this, this is what we would have, you know, poolside on a retreat or. No doubt in a alcohol free bar for me on the entrepreneurship. So if anyone feels like they're an outsider of that, they have me to support them through that.

But the value of these side conversations. So we had these. Podcasts kind of planned out, but as we got into the conversation, I'm like, actually, we're just going to go with the flow. And I love that because that's often what happens. That's when the ideas come. This is where business ideas and, uh, ventures, co ventures are created because it's not by sitting and making a business plan because the plan rarely goes to plan.

It's often these side conversations and the people you meet and the experiences. That you have that actually take you to a completely different direction in a very amazing positive way. So I'm so glad I got you on and I know that this will not be the last one. I think you guys will be the standing quarterly guests now where we just talk about all the amazing things that coming out because we're just getting started.

We have entrepreneurship coming up and obviously. The October retreat, but then we have been thinking about, you know, what else can we do? And I feel that will be something that we four will be discussing on the entrepreneurship. So I'm super excited about that. And I think we've got a special code maybe for people.

Yes, we do. We do. So I will link to that in the show notes as well. So you get a bit, a little bit of a discount and you can also email us if you have any specific questions about anything. And I'm really excited to see some of you. Joining us on this incredible journey that we are all about to embark as well as you.

So thanks everyone for joining and, uh, gosh, um, it's only a few weeks away and, uh, we are basically putting the program together and it's looking amazing. I'm super excited. I am as excited as always to, uh, be part of it as much as I am delivering. So thank you guys for coming and, uh, I'll see you on that ship.

Thank you for putting it. Yeah. Dream share. Thanks so much. Thanks everyone. Wow. I just love these ladies and all the amazing things we are going to do. If you want to join us or if you want to find out more about the entrepreneurship, which is coming up end of February, 2024, but if you're listening at a later date, I am.

Absolute certain that we'll be doing this again, or join the wait list for our Fiji retreat in October, 2024. I will link to it all in the show notes. I'm so excited to do some new fun things this year, and I hope you are too. As always, I'll be back on Monday with a new Monday morning motivation episode.

So don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss it. I'll see you then.

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