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Do you ever find yourself a little overwhelmed - and unsure what the most important thing is for you to do next?

This latest episode of Your Dream Life podcast might just be the turning point you've been waiting for - as we dive deep into my very practical and simple approach to quarterly planning and productivity - guiding you to where you need to focus, based on what's most important to you. 

Key takeaways include:

  1. The Importance of Clear Quarterly Planning: How to break down your dreams into manageable tasks, focussing you on the right things - based on what is MOST IMPORTANT to you.
  2. Productivity Insights: Discover hacks to help identify and focus on your high-impact activities, that will move you closer to your goals. Quicker.
  3. The Role of Habits & Accountability: Understand how establishing habits and having an accountability group can significantly enhance your productivity and keep you on track towards your dreams & goals.
  4. The Magic of Reflection: The importance of regular reflection to celebrate achievements, learn from setbacks, and adjust plans as necessary.

Tune in to discover why planning quarterly is so valuable - and how you can put together a clear, actionable plan that propels you toward your dream life. Whatever that means to you.

As always, I’d LOVE to hear what resonates with you from this episode and what you plan to implement after listening in. So please share and let’s keep the conversation going in the Dream Life Podcast Facebook Group here.    

Have a wonderful weekend …and remember, it all starts with a dream 💛


Kristina 💛

Dream Life Founder



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    Welcome back to another episode of "Your Dream Life."

    Today, we're diving into a topic close to my heart: planning and productivity. Fresh off my live workshop, "From Overwhelm to Clarity in 60 Minutes," I'm thrilled by the positive feedback and requests for more sessions.

    For those who missed out, don't worry! We'll be incorporating this workshop into our Dream Life Coaching Program every quarter, helping you plan out your goals in detail. And the recording of the workshop is available here to subscribe to for 12 months.

    Feeling overwhelmed can be paralyzing, leading us to seek comfort in distractions like TV or social media. However, these short-term escapes only exacerbate our stress. The solution? Take a step back and organize your thoughts. Planning is your dream's roadmap; without it, it's easy to lose direction. Start by clarifying your dreams for the year, then break down these aspirations into smaller, quarterly goals. This approach not only makes your objectives more manageable but also reinvigorates your motivation every quarter, treating it as a fresh start.

    Skipping planning, especially when overwhelmed, might seem justifiable, but it's crucial for progress. Planning your next quarter, understanding your goals, and organizing your tasks can dramatically reduce your stress and increase your productivity.

    Speaking of productivity, it's not about doing more but doing what matters most. Referencing our previous episode with Ali Abdal and our upcoming book club on his "Feel Good Productivity," it's clear that focusing on high-impact tasks and managing our time wisely can significantly advance our goals. Employing the Pomodoro Technique, for instance, can help maintain focus and prevent burnout. This method, alongside establishing daily routines and time blocking, structures your day, enhancing both clarity and productivity.

    Accountability plays a pivotal role in achieving success. Sharing your goals with a group or a coach can greatly increase your commitment and follow-through. In the Dream Life Coaching Program, we've seen remarkable achievements through monthly accountability sessions. This, coupled with regular reflection on your progress, allows for necessary adjustments and keeps you flexible and responsive to challenges.

    As we gear up for planning the second quarter in our Dream Life coaching program, remember, it's never too late to join us. Whether for the planning sessions, listening to superstar speakers like Ali Abdal, or joining our book club, there's always an opportunity to step closer to your dream life.

    So, let's make March your planning month and set the stage for your most productive quarter yet. I'm excited for what's ahead and hope you are too. Join me again next Monday for some Monday morning motivation. See you then!

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