As someone who loves meditating and truly believes in the power of daily meditation, I was so excited to speak with this episodes's inspiring guest.

Tom Cronin is an incredible coach, meditation teacher, author, speaker and co-creator of The Portal movie and book – and is leading a global movement to inspire one billion people to meditate daily!

Tom was a finance broker for most of his life and had very little idea what his purpose or calling was. He was stressed, anxious, depressed, suffering panic attacks and severe insomnia. At just 29, he reached breaking point and was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a nervous breakdown.

It was during this dark time that Tom discovered meditation and began his journey into Eastern philosophy, eventually changing his life’s direction completely, becoming a meditation teacher and transformation coach with a passion for helping others discover the magic of meditation.

This episode is such a beautiful one where you will not only hear all about Tom’s journey, learnings and wisdom, but will also discover:

  • How Tom first discovered a meditation practice that resonated with him, and was able to change the direction of his life
  • The purpose and practice of Transcendental meditation (or TM)
  • The affects you may feel when you begin to meditate
  • The benefits of beginning a daily meditation practice
  • The importance of learning to meditate correctly, whether through a teacher or via an online tutorial or app
  • The benefits of embracing stillness when our lives are getting a little too overwhelming or busy
  • How creative ideas and solutions can often come from meditation and quietness
  • The incredible positive effects of meditation on our physical and emotional selves
  • The negative effects our increasingly over-stimulated lives are having on our creativity and ability to generate new ideas
  • The relationship between meditation and the law of attraction, and so much more!

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"I loved speaking with Tom and hearing his story of how mediation and mindfulness has truly changed his life, as well as the benefits of embracing it in our everyday lives. I can personally say that meditation has helped me find stillness and quiet even during some of the most difficult times in my life."

"Our lives have become so full and mediation is a wonderful way to take a small break from it each day and reset.

Being more mindful each day, taking in our surroundings and connecting with our emotions is something we should all do more of."






My dream is to inspire and empower 101 million people around the world, just like you, to write down three dreams, and go chase them!  

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