Developing Positive Daily Money Habits

This is an extract from our monthly newsletter to Members of our Dream Life Habit Club.


With a new month approaching, are you ready to embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead as you focus on cultivating your daily habits? 


Habits Are The Building Blocks

As we know well, our daily habits are the building blocks of our life. They shape our days, define our routines, and ultimately determine our experience of life.  

So, take a little time to pause and reflect on any habits that no longer serve you - or new ones you might want to embrace this month. 

This coming month, I encourage you to choose a new habit related to your personal finances. So many people tell me that it’s ‘financial issues’ that are the biggest barrier to them living their dream life. 

How to Create a Solid Foundation for Financial Success

So, let's use the power of habit to create a solid foundation for your financial success. This month, I encourage you to choose a new habit to add - or an old habit to eliminate - centred around personal finances.


Some ideas:

💰 Add a Money Mindfulness Ritual: Create a daily practice of gratitude for the money you have and the abundance you're attracting. 

💰 Budget Bliss: Dedicate time daily to quickly review an aspect of your finances - to ensure your use of money aligns with your dreams. Using our new Money Planner Journal could guide you through this habit...

💰 Release the Impulse Monster: Identify one impulsive daily buying habit to let go of this month. You'll be amazed at how good it can make you feel.

💰 Automate Your Savings: More of a 'one off' than a daily habit... Set up automatic transfers from your daily account to a separate savings account. Watch your savings grow. It's an automated habit!

💰 Invest in Education: Dedicate a little time each day or week to educate yourself about personal finance. Read books, listen to podcasts, or attend webinars to expand your financial knowledge.

💰 Dine with Purpose: Commit to cooking at home daily, exploring new recipes, and packing your lunch for work. Not only will you save money, but you'll also nourish your body with wholesome meals.

💰 Mindful Spending: Before making a purchase, practice the 24-hour rule. Give yourself time to reflect on whether it aligns with your values and goals. Make more conscious spending decisions.

💰 Clear Out the Old & Save: Find something to get rid of / sell every day (or week?) on Facebook Marketplace or similar. Make more space in your life and turn old things into cash.


Building new money habits takes time and patience. Start with one simple and small habit that resonates with you, and consider gradually incorporating others as you progress on your financial journey. 

Each small step counts, and before you know it, you'll be closer to achieving your dream life.

Here's to a month of financial progress! 

Remember, you're not alone on this journey. Keep interacting in our Habit Challenge Facebook Group. Share your triumphs and challenges, and let's inspire and cheer each other on. 

...and most importantly, think now about what you can implement from this inspiration. It's your actions that makes the difference.



 K 💛


Dream Life Founder


PS: If you want some more inspiration for habits to guide your financial journey, check out our new Dream Life x Ladies Finance Club Money Planner Journal. With thought-provoking prompts and practical exercises, it will ignite your passion for personal finance and guide you step-by-step towards financial freedom - and creating a solid foundation for your dream life. 

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