Happy International Day of Happiness!


Happy International Day of Happiness! 

Maybe you’re a little like me and find that in challenging times, happiness can be something that’s difficult to embrace – as we experience hardship or feel for so many others experiencing difficulties.

But regardless of what’s happening externally, we need to ‘keep on keeping on’ so that we can be the best we can be for ourselves and for others who depend on us.

So as I reflect on what happiness means to me today, I feel it’s really important to not give up on the notion of embracing and experiencing happiness - regardless. 

We’re all different, but I wanted to share one thing with you that I find tremendously valuable in difficult circumstances - which always brings me an inner sense of happiness no matter what is happening around me.


For me, it’s a wonderful and lasting feeling to take time out to stop and embrace stillness.

Going inside and shutting out the outside world - even if only for minutes.

So it’s really appropriate that my podcast guest this week is someone who knows a thing or two about mediation – the inspiring Dr Elise Bialylew – author of The Happiness Plan and founder of the world’s largest online mindfulness campaign, Mindful In May.

No matter how much or how little experience you have with meditation, this episode is worth a listen as Dr Elise shares practical insights into meditation and it’s proven everyday benefits - including how it can help grow emotional intelligence and even create genetic level changes, like reducing inflammation in your body.

I know you’ll enjoy the episode - which you can listen to here...

And if you’re curious about meditation and feel you need a little nudge and support to embrace meditation as a daily habit, come on and join us as the Dream Life community signs up to do Mindful in May together.

Dr Elise has set-up Mindful in May as a transformative but very simple 31-day program – where hundreds of thousands of people from around the world join-in to meditate daily for just 10 minutes, supported by a great community and with daily support, guided meditations, education and tools from Elise and her Mindful in May team and contributors.

The idea is to help you build a simple and sustainable meditation practice in just one month – that can bring you benefits for a lifetime. If you choose you can opt-in to help raise money for clean water projects as well.

By the end of May you will have stepped into greater calm and made changes for life. It’s a great way to transform your mind & life while helping others.

Here’s the link to find out more information and join

And for anyone interested, we’ll be reading Dr Elise’s book The Happiness Plan together during April in GROW – my Personal Growth/Book Club - so when Mindful in May starts we’ll be ready to dive in!

And lucky us in GROW – we’ll have Dr Elise join one of our Monday night sessions to host a live meditation and Q&A.

It’s going to be amazing, so please consider joining us here...


So while the world around us remains uncertain, let’s go inwards together to find strength and happiness – and make the world a better place, starting with us.

Hope to see you in GROW in April and Mindful in May, in May!



PS: Research shows it only takes 10 minutes of meditation a day to see significant positive benefits to your life!


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