“We are the movement upskilling and connecting business owning women because you can harmonise your ambition, livelihood and wellbeing.”




Hi there!

We are delighted to bring you Mumbition™ the Journal – a special collaboration by Mums & Co x Dream Life.

Mumbitionis our way of naming the unapologetic blending of motherhood and ambition – and this journal is your invitation to discover yours.

We fundamentally believe in the power of women supporting women which is why we are so delighted to be collaborating with Dream Life Founder Kristina Karlsson to bring you this beautiful journal.

Thank you Kristina and your team for bringing the Mums & Co digital platform to paper with this journal that we are grateful to be locally produced in Australia with eco credentialled paper and ink.

Mums & Co is the movement upskilling and connecting business owning women because you can harmonise your ambition, livelihood and wellbeing.

Harmonising is the practise of blending your ambition – your business and career goals; your livelihood – your family and financial routine, obligations and aspirations; and wellbeing – your individual physical, mental and spiritual health.

This journal is to guide you in that practise, as one of the ways Mums & Co can help create a world where women don’t have to choose between their career and caring responsibilities.

We’re proud to share insights from our community as we believe having people who have experienced where you’ve been and understand where you are headed can provide fresh perspectives to navigate through the challenges and find opportunities. We’ve added activities from our membership as prompts to provide practical support in harmonising your business and your life. There’s plenty of open space for you to make this journal, like your business journey, your very own.

Stay mumbitious!

Carrie Kwan

Co Founder and Managing Director, Mums & Co

How to Use the Mumbition™ Journal

This journal has activities for the year and invites you to check in daily. You will find 12 monthly plans, four quarterly plans and nine feature activities. The feature activities are inspired by Mums & Co upskilling and networking.

They include the opportunity to: 

  • Harmonise Ambition, Livelihood and Wellbeing
  • Make your business ask
  • Build your network
  • Tap into expertise
  • Practise Your Pitch
  • Access strategic guidance
  • Find new introductions
  • Advocate for your ambition
  • Celebrate your signature activity

At the end of each month is a habit tracker which is a useful tool to track your daily progress on various habits and routines. Here’s how to use it:

1. Choose the habits: Choose your habit and write them down.

2. Assign criteria: For example, if you want to track your water intake, your criterion could be to drink eight glasses of water.

3. Fill in your progress: As you complete your habits, mark them off in the habit tracker. You can use different colours for different habits to distinguish them easily.

4. Analyse the trends: At the end of the month, study the tracker to analyse your habits. Identify areas where you need improvement, celebrate the habits you’ve accomplished, and make a plan on how to achieve your goals moving forward.

By using a monthly habit tracker, you can motivate yourself to build positive habits and make them a part of your daily life routine.



“The early stage of business is a beautiful time in which you spread your wings. To embrace mentors and experts along the way accelerates the wind that helps carry you to the mountaintop you have committed to conquer.”



 Examples of Some of the Spreads:



About Mums & Co:

When Women Thrive, Families Thrive.

Being a mum is a big deal. And launching your own business while juggling a family (your Little Co) is an even bigger deal.

At Mums & Co we get that juggle.

We get that...

  • Running a successful business can be lonely and meeting fellow businesswomen who just get your struggles would make all the difference
  • Your time is precious and you need bite-sized expert advice and specialised knowledge relevant to your new business rather than hours on Google that get you nowhere
  • Wearing all the hats can crush your confidence without a safe place to ask questions
  • Finding the right work life balance could be challenging for business-owning mums at times.

At every stage of business

We advocate for your ambition with a digital membership supporting you to build deep networks, access strategic guidance and resources.

We’re the community for business-owning mums who want to launch, grow and scale their #mumbition.

The place to harmonise your ambitions, livelihood and wellbeing. 

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