Rediscovering Your Spark: My Conversation with Chris Helder

I’m excited to share some insights with you - from my recent podcast interview with Chris Helder - an inspiring speaker and author who delves into reigniting our inner spark—something we all need from time to time.

Personally, I’ve for sure journeyed through phases where I felt my own light dim. It’s a challenging state, feeling flat, tired, and uninspired.

But, as I discovered too, it’s also a golden opportunity to look for silver linings and rekindle dreams. 

Overcoming Challenges with New Dreams

Chris’s philosophy of "useful belief" deeply resonated with me, especially during a time when I felt overwhelmed by life’s unexpected turns.

He spoke about his personal crisis during the pandemic, which pushed him to rethink and reshape his approach to dreaming and living.

It struck a chord with me for sure because, like Chris, I’d had many moments where I needed to find a new way to dream—to start afresh with a stronger, more resilient outlook on life.

My Take on Chris Helder’s Five-Step Re-Ignition Process

Chris outlined a transformative five-step process to help us navigate through times when we feel lost or disconnected. Here’s how I see each step playing out:

  1. Acceptance: Accepting where you are right now is crucial. I’ve learned that resistance only breeds more discontent.
  2. Radical Responsibility: Owning up to your role in your own life is empowering. It’s about acknowledging that you have the power to change your circumstances.
  3. Clarity and Perspective: Gaining clarity about what you want is something I’ve always advocated for in my book "Your Dream Life Starts Here".
  4. Harnessing Useful Belief: Believing in the power of positive thinking has always been a cornerstone of my approach.
  5. Rediscovering Joy: This is about engaging with the world in a way that brings joy and fulfillment back into your life.

Why Dreaming Again is Essential

Dreaming is not just an idle pastime; it's a powerful tool for transformation. In my own life, dreaming has opened up pathways I never thought possible. After speaking with Chris, I was reminded of how essential it is to allow ourselves to dream big, even when circumstances seem limiting. Dreaming can reignite that inner flame and drive us toward fulfilling our true potential.

Resources to Help You Dream Big 

For anyone looking to embark on this journey of rediscovery, I highly recommend reading my book, Your Dream Life Starts Here, which is filled with strategies and insights similar to what Chris discusses.

Also, my free 101 Dreams Exercise is an excellent starting point. It’s designed to help you articulate and activate your dreams, laying down a practical framework for turning them into reality.

Join Us for a Transformative May

I’m excited to announce that Chris will be joining us as a superstar speaker this May in our coaching program, where he’ll focus on empowering our subconscious minds and beliefs—a perfect complement to his and my philosophies.

His dynamic presence and deep insights promise an enlightening experience, providing us with tools to transform our inner dialogues and enhance our life narratives.

Last Word

Feeling inspired to take charge of your life and reignite your spark?

Chris Helder’s strategies and my own experiences and tools provide a robust foundation for anyone looking to make significant changes.

So if you feel the need, dive into the resources you'll find here in the Dream Life Community rekindle your inner fire.

If you're interested in deepening your understanding and taking practical steps towards personal growth, consider joining our Platinum Coaching Program.

It’s an opportunity to transform and truly start living your dream life. Let’s dream big together!

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