The Launch of our Inner Strength Journal - Proudly Supporting BCNA

What a beautiful day it was at the 2024 Carman's Fun Run, to launch our wonderful new Inner Strength Journal, proudly supporting Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA).

It's a powerful journal - with carefully curated daily prompts - specifically crafted to help anyone going through a health challenge.

Journaling during health challenges can significantly improve mental and physical well-being by allowing people to express their emotions, organize thoughts, process and manage experiences and gain insights - leading to reduced stress, increased resilience and emotional strength - and a heightened ability to cope. 

Here's some of what went down at the launch...

So very exciting to have sold nearly 100 journals already!! We're very excited for the positive impact they will make to people gong through health challenges and for BCNA via the donations they generate!

Explore the journal here...


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