Why am I doing this? A most powerful question.

The other day I woke up, feeling a little stuck on some things I’d been working on.

I felt an urge to change some things in my life. Do you ever feel that?

I hadn’t been sleeping as well as I’d like to… and I just wasn’t feeling as inspired as I like to feel. 

As I wrote my morning pages – which is my daily practice of journaling I dumped thoughts on paper about what I wanted to change.

That led me to realising that I’d been eating a little too much and a little too late… which was likely why I hadn’t been sleeping well.

…and that in turn prompted me to pull out what I find to be one of my most important documents - my ‘WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?’ document.

On a new page I wrote down what I wanted to change -> "to eat earlier and to eat less."

And most importantly I wrote down ‘my reason why’... which is -> “because I want to sleep better so I wake up feeling energised and fresh more often, ready to take on each new day and be the best for myself and for those who rely on me.”

Simply writing my ‘WHY’ in that document made me feel better immediately.

Since then, I’ve re-read it a few times – along with ‘my reasons WHY’ for the other important things I’m focussing on at the moment.

Things like, WHY I started my new business The Dream Life Store. WHY I recently started a running challenge. WHY I’m planning a detox soon. WHY I’m chasing each of the dreams that I’m chasing.

The ‘WHY’ I write down for each are the very core reasons for doing each thing – and I find it so powerful to re-read them, usually daily.


"As human beings we are capable of doing incredible things - of overcoming challenges and barriers. Even more so when we have a strong ‘reason why’ or a clear purpose."


Personally, I’ve found knowing the answer to the simple question “Why am I doing this?” to be one of the best tools to motivate me and keep me on track.

What’s the payoff for me of pushing thru any discomfort I feel?

What’s on the other side of what I want to achieve? What’s the payoff?  Why do I want that?

What’s the ‘reason why?’ I need to push through procrastination or lack of motivation?

Reading over my 'Why Am I Doing This?' list is a little like taking a magic potion.

It helps me look rationally at what I’m working towards and naturally builds motivation, self-belief, and strength.

And it will be the same for you.

Being clear on the key few things you’re focussing on - and what the payoff of each is - will be truly empowering and help you make them happen.

I’ve experienced so many times that strong enough reasons can pull all of us through any challenges of doing what we want to do.


So why don’t you try asking yourself this week “Why am I doing this?”


In case it’s helpful for you, check-out the downloadable A4 sheet I designed and use myself… my ‘WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?’ PDF document (you can download it immediately for just A$2.99 from here). 


Again in case helpful, I ordered two new prints the other day - to hang in my workspace - that will give me daily reminders and help keep me motivated…

The first one says: Get into the habit of asking yourself: Does this support the life I’m trying to create? Check it out here...

  • This one will remind me to constantly check in and ask myself if my actions are aligned with my Dream Life. 

The other print says: The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. Check it out here...

  • No surprises with this one but such a great reminder to do the work


What's your favourite quote to put on the wall to get motivated to take the right actions? I would LOVE to hear - so comment below!


PS: Want to learn about how I journal – my morning pages? Click here…

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