I hope you are really well and excited about the year ahead!

To say that I'm excited about this year is an understatement!  After 2 really challenging years, I'm determined to make 2022 my best year EVER and I really want you to encourage you to do the same!

Yes, there are lots of challenging things happening right now, but there is always something going on and if we let that stop us, we will never get to work on our dream lives.

Enjoy this short episode as I talk about what I believe is the most important dream to work on in 2022.

…and if you're not sure where to start, I'm holding two more free online workshops in January – focussed on How To Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever - which is a great place to start. Hundreds turned up earlier this week at the first one and the feedback was amazing.

Next dates are:

  • Thursday the 27th of January - 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
  • Sunday the 30th of January 10am AEDT

Click here to register.


And if you are ready to get to work on your Dream Life - discovering and chasing your dreams - then enrolling in my Dream Life Digital Course could be the right place to start.

I only open it a few times a year so I have time to work with and support all of the people who enrol - and the results people have been getting from the course are truly inspiring.

Find out more by clicking here.

It's a new year and it feels like we have plenty of time but before we know it, this year will be over and we want to make sure we make the most of this year and get going now. I truly believe the most important project we can work on is on ourselves.




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My dream is to inspire and empower 101 million people around the world, just like you, to write down three dreams, and go chase them! Don’t forget to help up spread this inspiring message to eve

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