Happy first week of February! 

I love February because it's the month that I look at my habits and add some new healthy ones and remove the ones that are no longer serving me. 

Most of us enjoy the festive season and some of us take some time off which often means indulging in food and drinks a bit more than normal. And that's the fun part of life. 

One of my Dreams is to be healthier and fitter each birthday so every birthday I reflect and plan for the year ahead to become healthier. Some of you may be doing FEB FAST and some of you may be needing some inspiration to get started. 

I have a very inspiring guest on my podcast today, The Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter. 

Teresa's main goal at The Healthy Chef is to get people cooking and eating healthier. Eating natural foods, focussing on fresh fruits and vegetables, and just keeping it simple. 

I love that goal and it's a perfect time to listen to this episode to get inspired to become the healthiest version of you as part of making 2022 your best year EVER! 






  • The Healthy Chef website - https://thehealthychef.com
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