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I feel compelled to share something quite personal in this episode – I think it might be of help right now.

When meditating earlier this week, I was overcome with a deep sense of hopelessness and sadness about what’s been happening in the world lately.

I felt it physically and profoundly – and I just sat with the feeling and let it all come out. Feeling for my fellow human beings – children, women, men, families - and what so many are enduring right now.

And then, when I was ready, I changed gears - reminding myself that in challenging times like this, and with so much out of my control, I needed to turn inwards and take time to build my strength and resilience. 

For me that means things like time meditating, time walking in nature and time journaling. 

When I do those things, I’m better able to cope and be my best for those who rely on me.

In case it resonates with you and is helpful, this week’s episode focus’s on my resilience go-to list of six.

Focussing on this list of six does wonders for me – and I hope it inspires you or someone you want to share it with.

If you haven’t done any meditation or haven’t found the right meditation for you, as I mention in this episode we’ll be reading The Happiness Plan by Dr Elise Bialylew in April in GROW my personal growth / book club. Learn more here.

In The Happiness Plan, the wonderful Elise draws on her background in medicine, psychiatry and mindfulness meditation to take us on a simple one-month guided program - leading us to a more balanced and fulfilled existence despite the challenges around us.

Elise is the founder of Mindful in May and we’ll have her coming in to do a live meditation with us during GROW as well as taking any questions. And we’ll also be doing Mindful in May together in GROW if you want to. If this is for you, sign up to GROW here.


Please let me know in my Podcast Facebook group what you got from this episode, so we can all learn from each other.

Dream Big!





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