Up until Paul Callaghan reached his mid-thirties, he had all the makings of a great Australian success story. Or so it seemed, until on his 35th birthday a nervous breakdown changed everything.

Reconnecting with his traditional Aboriginal beliefs and culture is what helped heal him… and eventually led him to write his wonderful book, The Dreaming Path: Indigenous Thinking to Change Your Life. Written with Uncle Paul Gordon.

I’ve found so much wisdom, so well shared in his book and in the inspiring conversation we had for this episode of the Dream Life Podcast and I’m sure you will to.

Paul is an Aboriginal man belonging to the land of the Worimi people, on the coast of NSW Australia just north of Newcastle, and in this episode, he shares a host of inspiring insights for you, including:

  • How we can learn & grow from our challenges – or ‘storms’ as Paul describes them - which need to be welcomed for the meaning and personal growth they bring (he describes his nervous breakdown as “the most magnificent thing ever”).
  • How the power of story can help us create a better life and world – and that when we leave this world all we leave behind is our stories. Paul challenges us all with profound questions. What stories will be told about you once your life is done? Will you leave a good story? What is your unique story going to be? How will it leave the world a better place? And most importantly, how can you create and own the story you want to leave behind? 
  • How the Aboriginal definition of wellbeing contends that no one person can be well if everyone isn’t well, and if the land isn’t well. Built on the premise that we are all connected.
  • How so many have lost their way in a world so full of noise and competing priorities. How so many people try to be all things to all people at all times. Busy, yet with contentment and happiness so elusive. Busy, but doing so little. And what to do about it.
  • The wonderful power of everyday gratitude and the benefits of practicing it.
  • The profound benefits of connecting regularly with friends & family and noticing the good things in life together.
  • The amazing and energy giving joy of connection to country and nature.

Paul’s perspective and messages inspired by ancient indigenous thinking are so refreshing and really resonated with me.

You are going to really love this episode and I can’t wait to hear what you get out of it, so please share your thoughts with us in our Dream Life Podcast private Facebook group here...

Have a wonderful weekend!


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