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It's amazing how many questions I've been getting about my Morning Pages journaling style – a key part of my morning ritual - so I’m going a bit deeper in this episode to help you get started on trying it out yourself.

Some of the key things you'll learn in this episode:

  • How journaling Morning Pages style can set you up for an amazing day.
  • How to go about Morning Pages journaling.
  • How beneficial it has been for me as a morning ritual and why it might be for you too.
  • How to just keep your hand moving and write - as if no-one will ever read what you've written.
  • How to use your Morning Pages to dump any complaints or grievances rather than dumping them on other people.
  • How the whole idea with the Morning Pages is that you write whatever comes to mind. So when you think "I have no idea what to write about", then write exactly that.
  • Why having two journals is important for this morning ritual.
  • Some prompts to help kick start the process for you.

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I trust this episode inspires you to start asking yourself important questions – and a great way to do that is using a journal. So if you need a beautiful journal to make a start, browse our collections here…

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