Hi there and welcome back to another episode! 

Interested in self-care? So you should be. If you don’t look after your beautiful self, who will?

In this episode I’ll be giving you the heads up on a fantastic way to give yourself some self-care, wrapped in a beautiful mindfulness experience and outing… you’ll love it! It’s been a routine of mine for quite a few years.

As you may know, in GROW (my personal growth / book club), we’re reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron this month. There are two things that I love above all else in her book, which I’ve implemented in my own life.

Morning Pages, which I’ve spoken about before… and Julia’s concept of ‘The Artist Date’.

For anyone who doesn’t relate to the word ‘artist’, you can take that out and call it a date with yourself …or a ‘self-care date’. 

This episode will show you how it works and why you need to give it a go…

Some of the key things you'll learn in this episode:

  • What an artist or self-care date is and why you have to give it a try.
  • How it will give you energy, peace and a sense of taking care of you.
  • Ideas for how to plan one and insights into my favourite self-care dates.
  • How journaling on your self-care date can be so good for your wellbeing and why you should get a special journal to document them.
  • How when choosing a self-care date, it’s good to ask yourself ‘what sounds fun?’ …and ‘what will give me energy, peace and a true sense of taking care of me?’
  • The most important part of the artist date (…you need to pre-plan it, so that when you do it, you feel relaxed and happy to take the time).
  • How it’s important that you do this solo, not with a friend.
  • Where you can go for a free downloadable list of what to do and where to go.
  • …and much more!


I know you’ll enjoy this episode – and I’d LOVE to hear what you took from it – so please let me know in our Dream Life Podcast Facebook group here or in the comments section below. Sharing with like-minded people is inspiring for us all.

And I trust this episode inspires you to start your own routine of artist or self-care dates. If you need a beautiful journal to take with you, browse our collections here… and consider ordering one with dotted inner pages. You get that as a choice for internal pages when you personalise any of our Simple Journals here...

Have a wonderful week and pull out your diary now to make time for a self-care date!

Oh, and by the way, our beautiful 2023 Dream Life Diaries have now landed – including one devoted to supporting you Wellbeing.

Browse the full Dream Life Diary collection here…

I’ll be back next week with another guest so be sure you’re subscribed to the podcast, so you don’t miss. 


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