#148 – WHAT IF?



Hello & welcome back!

This week I made a dream come true - and in todays podcast episode I talk through how.

In particular I talk about the power of asking yourself 'WHAT IF?' 

They're two simple words, but when put together with a question mark, they become so powerful for you - and life changing. Like they have been for me.



WHAT IF you decided to change career? 

WHAT IF you decided to start a side hustle? 

WHAT IF you started exercising every day to feel better? 

WHAT IF you decided to be around like-minded people more often, who are chasing their dreams? 

WHAT IF you prioritised your health?

WHAT IF you started saying no to things just to please other people? 

WHAT IF you decided you deserve more?


It's the start of more questions that invite possibility, curiosity & growth into your life. Questions that can open you up to a whole new way of being.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this episode – so please let me know either in the comments below or in our Dream Life Podcast Facebook group here.

And please share it with anyone who you feel may benefit from it. Let’s inspire many more millions around the world.

Have a wonderful week!



Dream Life Founder  






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