#161 – STREAKING, with Jeffery & Jami Downs

Hello & welcome back!

I love trying different things to support my dreams & goals, and one thing that has made a big different in my life is STREAKING. Let me explain… 

I first heard of streaks through my kids, for who streaking was using Snapchat to message their friends every day without missing a day.  The more days in a row, the longer the ‘streak’ – and they became obsessed with not missing a day.

Streaking is the simple practise of conscious, consistent actions that create life-changing results.  

And what I’ve realised is that to make a dream, goal or habit work, it’s all about consistency. Small things done every day. Day in, day out.

When I start a new dream, goal or habit, I always read about the topic and when I started a habit of daily running some months ago, I read a super inspiring book called Streaking, by Jeffery & Jami Downs - and the authors of this book are my guests on this episode.

It’s an inspiring read and the insights from Jeffery & Jami are practical and valuable.

I loved the book so much that I chose it as our book to read, discuss and implement in GROW – my virtual book group. Click here if you want to learn more or join us in having fun and lively conversations to squeeze the learnings out of this great book.

…and if you’re in my Platinum Dream Life Coaching Program or thinking of joining, we’re going deep in all thing’s habits & wellbeing in February – and the concept of streaking is so relevant to building great habits that support you as you chase your dreams. We’ve got the AMAZING Dr Libby as our February super star guest speaker. I just can’t wait! Learn more here…

As always, I would LOVE to hear what you take from this podcast – and what you plan to implement after listening in - so please share and let’s keep the conversation going in the Dream Life Podcast Facebook group here.  

And please share this episode with anyone who you feel may benefit from it. Let’s inspire many more millions around the world.

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