#163 – SMALL HABITS FOR A BIG LIFE, with Dr Rebecca Ray


As you may know, I’m a little obsessed - in a healthy way - to work on my daily habits.

I know for sure that having the right daily habits in place is the foundation for me to achieve my dreams and goals. That’s where the magic is. 

"We are what we do daily."

You probably also know that I just love reading & learning so I keep growing - and I LOVE reading about anything to do with habits.

Today’s podcast guest is Dr Rebecca Ray, author of Small Habits for a BIG Life - which is a title that makes my heart sing!

The book is about releasing the self-sabotaging behaviour that holds us back. One habit at a time.

In my life experience, I know that change is not about grand gestures or sweeping statements.

“It’s about chipping away daily - a bit at a time - at the habits that hold us back.”

Dr Rebecca Ray knows about the power of small habits to make big changes. By introducing small changes into her own life, she transformed her career as a clinical psychologist to become one of the most effective communicators on matters of the mind.

…and Dr Rebecca has helped many people do the same.

In today’s super inspiring chat -  Dr Rebecca breaks down the process for us all, and explains how we can override the part of the brain that seeks pleasure and comfort (…think ice cream and wine!) and activate the parts that tolerate some discomfort for the sake of long-term achievement (…an hour of study instead of an hour of TV).

...and it will help you learn how you can clear the way for you to embark on your own path to change and how to get the right amount of support along the way. 

I loved this chat so much that I invited Dr Rebecca to be our SUPER STAR Speaker for March in my Dream Life Coaching Program – I just can’t wait. March is the month in my program when we focus on creating habits that support our dream life. So excited! If you want to join us click here

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