#187 – HOW TO DO A RETREAT, with Kristina

Hi & Welcome Back!

In this week's podcast episode, I'm thrilled to share something truly soul-nourishing and inspiring: the concept of retreats. 

Over my 25 years of attending various retreats, I've come to realise that they aren't solely about group settings or lots of people. Retreats can take various forms, even for introverts like me. 

Listen in here as I explore how to embark on a retreat that suits your style.

I regularly go on retreat on my own. Booking an inspiring place close to home to stay and soaking up being alone for a short period of time. And I get so many amazing ideas when I do. On one retreat years ago I developed the idea for Dream Life. And here we are!

Right now I'm in the middle of planning a group retreat alongside three incredible women, taking a group to the tropical paradise of beautiful Fiji for a Dreaming, Brand & Design Mastermind experience. Centred around inspiring and then planning for brand or personal brand reinvention. A theme fitting for our rapidly evolving world.

I've learned that dreams can come to life sooner than expected when shared and pursued - and with the right support crew around - and group retreats like the one we're planning can be amazing for kick-starting that. 

...and I've found that combining some solitude with workshops and learning experiences can be life-changing. 

Life's busy pace often leads us to not have time to focus on ourselves and the important stuff. Even vacations can be hectic. So, maybe it's time to consider a retreat? 

Whether it's a dreamy tropical group getaway like our upcoming Fiji retreat - or a solo reflective journey close to home - retreats offer profound benefits. Delve into the world of retreats with me on this week's podcast and learn how they can transform your life.

As you contemplate crafting your own retreat or joining one, remember that each year offers a chance to reinvent yourself. 

Stay inspired and Dream Big!

K 💛

Dream Life Founder

PS: If you'd like to learn more about the retreat we're running in Fiji, click here..



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