#188 - GOING DEEPER ON RETREATS, with The Dream Team


Hello and welcome back!

If you listened to my episode last week, I shared how amazing it is to go on retreats and the many benefits. It's very much part of my life and there are a few ways of doing it, so listen here to the last episode if you haven’t already. 

And in this episode, I’ve gathered the three amazing humans that I'm running a Fiji retreat with at the end of October 2023. 

It’ll give you deeper insights into the benefits of incorporating retreats into your dream life – whether or not you’re able to make it to this one (…btw we will likely run some closer to home too).

For anyone thinking of coming to Fiji with us (or dreaming of coming to a future retreat) we’ll talk about the things we’ll cover – to give you a sense of what a retreat can be like - and give you a chance to get to know the hosts a bit.

I am AS excited to attend this retreat with these amazing humans, as much as I am co-delivering it. I love learning and I love to implement what I learn. And I love spending time with like-minded people …and it’s a plus that this is in the beautiful tropical location of Fiji. 

There are only 16 spots left at the time of recording this episode so if you are interested in joining us learn more here… and if you have questions please don’t hesitate to email us at info@yourdreamlifestartshere.com and we can book in a call.

Whether it's a dreamy tropical group getaway like our upcoming Fiji retreat - or a solo reflective journey close to home - retreats offer profound benefits. Delve deeper into the world of retreats with me on this week's podcast and learn how they can transform your life.

Stay inspired and Dream Big!

K 💛


Dream Life Founder


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