#198 – TAKING PRODUCTIVITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL, with Tanja Fässler-Moro and Kristina


Hello & welcome back!

I have had such an interesting life these last few years.

After losing my first business kikki.K - in the business pain that so many retailers experienced during the harsh Covid related retail store lockdowns – I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and found a new direction.

As I look back now, it was a direction I’d already started moving in after writing my first book in 2018 about the transformative power of dreaming. I wanted to use everything I’d learned in my 20 plus years as a creative, leader, entrepreneur, author and avid life-long learner to inspire and empower other people. As a speaker, mentor and coach.

It’s been a pivot that has given me a great sense of meaning, purpose and fulfilment – and today’s podcast episode will explain why.

My guest this week is Tanja Fässler-Moro - a coaching student of mine – and her real-life story of transformation and taking productivity and wellbeing to the next level, is truly inspiring. 

Based in Switzerland, Tanya is a coach herself, specialising in the infertility space. She's also a mother of two and loves learning and growing.

This episode is really inspiring, and will no doubt get you excited about making 2024 your best year yet. I’d love you to join my coaching program too if you’re inspired by Tanja’s progress and want the same for yourself.

Listen in to today's podcast episode to learn why you too need to dream big, even if you have no idea upfront how to make them happen. And hear me share a personal story to illustrate why that's important for you...

If you're curious about why so many people found my recent workshops moving, 'inspiring', 'valuable' and 'amazing' ...I've uploaded a full recording for you to watch.

As always, I’d LOVE to hear what resonates with you – and what you plan to implement after listening in. So please share below and let’s keep the conversation going in the Dream Life Podcast Facebook group here.    

Have a wonderful week …and Dream Big!


K 💛

Dream Life Founder


  • Tanja’s websites: https://www.counsellingconnectz.com/ & https://fertilityconnectz.com/ (…this website was ‘born’ through her acceleration in the coaching program!) 
  • Access a recording of my free workshop, How to Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet – Starting Now. Here
  • Want to transform your life and wellness like Tanja has, with help from me? Join our Platinum Coaching Program and hang around positive like-minded people. Learn more here…
  • Join my virtual book club GROW where we read and meet online weekly to squeeze the learnings from great books. Learn more here…
  • Take your first step to getting clarity on what you want from life with this free bonus dreaming exercise here 101 Dreams Audio Guide 





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