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Find Inspiration in the Holiday Quiet

In this episode, you are invited to embrace the unique tranquility between Christmas and New Year - to make the most of its potential for reflection, planning, and personal growth.

Here's what you'll discover:

  1. The Magic of Reflection: Learn the importance of taking stock of the year's highs and lows, celebrating victories, and drawing lessons from challenges.
  2. Envisioning the Future: Gain insights on setting realistic yet ambitious goals for personal and professional growth in the coming year.
  3. The Power of Gratitude: Discover how expressing gratitude can transform your relationships and attract positivity into your life.
  4. Strategic Planning for Success: Understand how to break down your dreams into actionable steps, creating a roadmap for the year ahead.
  5. Balancing Self-Care with Ambition: The necessity of self-care during this time, ensuring a rejuvenated start to the new year.

Join me for an uplifting journey through reflection, planning, and gratitude. Embrace these quieter days to set the stage for a remarkable and fulfilling year ahead. 

As always, I’d LOVE to hear what resonates with you from this episode – and what you plan to implement after listening in. So please share and let’s keep the conversation going in the Dream Life Podcast Facebook Group here.    

Tune in and be inspired to make next year your best year yet!

Kristina 💛

Dream Life & kikki.K Founder



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Podcast Transcript:

Hi there, and welcome back to another episode. Oh my gosh, I can't tell you. How much I love this time of year at the time of recording this episode, Christmas is around the corner and that is so lovely. But what I love even more and always have are the days between Christmas and New Year. I don't know what it is about these days, but the world seems quieter, and it's the most wonderful time to reflect and plan and spend time with family and friends and go a bit slower.

So in today's episode, I'm going to share some ideas on how you can make the most of this magical time between Christmas and New Year. It's the perfect opportunity for reflection and planning and get ready for another amazing year with the plan to make this year your best year yet. Before we jump into the strategies for making the most of these precious days, let's take a moment to acknowledge the beauty of this unique time.

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season are winding down and there is a serene Atmosphere that allows us to pause, breathe, and look inward. As we reflect on the year that's coming to an end, it's important to celebrate our victories, big or small. To take stock of the accomplishments, the lessons learned.

And the personal growth that you have experienced. Perhaps it's the year you stepped out of your comfort zone, worked on a new dream or a goal, or started a new project. Remember, every step forward is a victory worth celebrating. Now let's talk about how to make the most of the days between Christmas and New Year.

First up, let's focus on reflection. Set aside some quiet time for yourself. Grab a journal, find a cozy spot, grab a coffee or a tea or your favorite beverage and reflect on the highs and lows over the past year. What were the highlights? What brought you joy? What challenged you? What did you learn?

Understanding these aspects will pave the way for a clearer vision of your dreams and goals moving forward. If you've been listening here for a while, you know I love doing these kind of exercises. I got them all in the Dreamlife journal called Plan Your Year. It's also available as a downloadable from the Dreamlife store if you want to get it straight away.

Next on the agenda, it's time to envision the future. What are your dreams and aspirations for the coming year? Take this time to set realistic yet ambitious dreams and goals for yourself, whether it's personal development, career growth, a new passion project. These days provide the perfect canvas for painting the picture of your dream life, whatever that is for you.

And don't forget the power of gratitude, expressing gratitude for the experiences, people, and opportunities that came your way in the past year can be a transformative practice. Considering writing thank you notes or messages to those who made a positive impact on your life this year. Gratitude not only strengthens your relationship, but also attracts more positive into your future.

And it also makes you feel really good. Now let's shift our focus to planning. These days between Christmas and New Year are an excellent time to outline your strategic moves for the coming month. Break down your dreams and goals into actionable steps and create a roadmap for success. Whether it's a career plan, a fitness routine, a creative project, having a clear plan will set you up for success.

If you need any help with properly plan your year, you will be able to join the dream life coaching program for one month only. If you choose to in January and actually plan your year with me, we've got five sessions in January and I got an inspiring speaker joining us on the last session. I can't wait for you to join us.

If you choose to just head over to dreamlifestutshere. com. I will link to it in the show notes as well. Remember, it's essential to balance reflection and planning with self care. Take this beautiful time to recharge your energy, indulge in activities that brings you joy, and spend quality time with loved ones.

A well rested and rejuvenated mind is better equipped to tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities that the new year will undoubtedly bring. Bring. We always have some challenges coming up, even if we really hope that they won't come, there always are something coming. And that is just part of life.

I love spending days at home and do all the things I love, which is walking in nature, meditate, journaling, and plan, but also read lots of books. I love reading something inspiring that helps me get excited about the new year ahead. And I also love doing things in a very slow pace, knowing that I have nowhere to go and nowhere to be.

It's such a great feeling. If you had an extra full or challenging year, make sure you have days of doing nothing Or having any plans to have a few days at home with no plan is simply amazing and very rare these days. It makes such a difference. That to me is a complete break. I love the traveling and I love seeing family and friends, but I also need days.

With none of that, it's a great time to get lots of quality sleep, eat healthy, good food, and do a digital detox. You will feel like a new person. One book that I will reread between Christmas and New Year is my favorite book that I read this year. And we will be reading that in grow in my book club in January.

I can't wait. I love this book so much. The book is called the source by Dr. Tara Swart. She is a world renowned neuroscientist and, um, Dr. Tara. Asks us in her book, if you could have anything you want in life, what would that be? And if you know me, I love questions like that. And she shares with that breakthroughs in neuroscience that are proving that we can actively alter.

The way our brains work, and I'm absolutely fascinated in, in that neuroscience space because it's just so much research and it's an exciting space to watch. In her book, The Source, she shows us how we can all harness this potential to transform our minds and attract what we most desire and save the life changing opportunities that pass us by every single day.

The secret isn't in mysterious forces. but in the incredible power of the source. In her book, she shares a science backed, secular way, her learnings and experiences together with the science, her way of retraining the brain to direct our actions and emotions to manifest our deepest dreams. So, so interesting, she says, understanding and taking control of our own brain is the key.

And this is the power of the source. It has taken her nine years at university, seven years of practicing psychiatry, and 10 years of being an executive coach to get to this point. And she shares it. All with us in the book, The Secret of Mastering Your Brain to Transform Your Life. I can't wait to read this book in January in Groma Book Club.

And if you want to join us, just head over to udreamlabs. here. com and I will link to it in the show notes as well. I hope you are inspired to make the most of this special time coming up. The days between Christmas and New Year are a precious gift, an opportunity to reflect on the past and set the stage for a remarkable future and year ahead.

I am so excited. About making this next year, the best year yet. And I really hope you are to enjoy the next few days leading up to Christmas and then take a well earned pause and rest and reflect and get excited about the new year. As always, I'll be back on Monday morning for a new Monday motivation podcast.

I will see you then.

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