Bonus Dreaming Exercise: Be guided by Kristina Karlsson thru her powerful 101 Dreams Exercise.

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Hi There! 

I am so happy you're here reading this - because this is the start of something very special for you as it has been for tens of thousands of others around the world who have done this with me.  

It's a bonus episode where I'll guide you through my favourite dreaming exercise. 101 Dreams.

You'll find a free downloadable worksheet for it here...

It's the perfect place to start for anyone wanting to create their dream life - and will help you discover dreams sitting in your heart.

You’ll need to make sure you can give yourself at least 45 minutes – preferably an hour – in a quiet and inspiring place.

Choose somewhere you’ll be comfortable and won’t be interrupted. When I do this exercise - as I often do - I always pour myself a cup of my favourite tea, light a candle, and pull out a beautiful journal and pen. I start by centring myself, taking three deep breaths and then I remind myself that I only have one life, and I want to make every day and month and year count. Then I work through the exercise - guided by the audio.

On the audio I'll ask you a series of questions and I want you to write whatever comes to mind on paper - preferably in your Dream Life Journal.

When you’re finished writing every dream you can think of, go back over your list and keep writing whatever comes to mind.

Write down as many dreams as you can in the time you give yourself, and come back and do this powerful exercise as often as you like over the course of your life. I’d suggest doing this every few months, but do it at least annually.

The idea is to just get as many dreams down on paper as you possibly can. Later when you reflect on them, some will totally inspire you. Some will inspire completely new dreams you hadn’t thought of before. Some you will edit. Some you may later throw away...

But somewhere on that list will be some absolute gems that will ignite your soul and inspire you to reimagine your life in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Be as bold as you like. Be as silly as you like. Be as childish as you like.

You are about to start reimagining and reshaping your future.

How exciting!

PS: Please let us know how you go with this, in the comments below. comments below

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  • Lisa

    Hi Kristina, I just can’t tell you how much I have loved this podcast, thank you so much! xx

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