This episode is a special one for me – and jam packed with value. You WILL want to listen to it several times.

As you may know, one of my highest values is personal growth. I love learning, implementing what I learn and evolving to the next best version of myself. With all the changes going on around us, there is always something to learn. 

Robin Sharma has been a big influence on my life when it comes to all thing’s personal growth. I’ve read all of Robin’s books. You may know some of them like, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari and The 5 am Club. I’ve attended Robins’ annual Titan event in Toronto - spending 4 days with him and other inspiring speakers - and I’ve been part of his personal mentoring program.

He has a gift for sharing wisdom and a track record of inspiring millions of people around the world.

Robin has just launched his latest book, The Everyday Hero Manifesto and to say that I love it is an understatement. There is so much gold in this book – it’s well worth reading.

I hope you love this latest episode as Robin shares his latest dream, insights into how your past need not to prescribe your future, how to connect with your highest self, how to deal with trauma – and many other useful insights.

You will learn about the power of little daily steps. Micro bravery. Saying yes to the small things that frighten us… the little acts of bravery that allow us to be our best selves. Leaning into our fears and being Everyday Heroes.

I love this book so much that it’s going to be the first book we’ll read as I launch GROW - my Personal Growth Club - on 1st November. 

If you love to learn & grow, read personal-growth books and you’re on a quest to be the best possible version of yourself, then GROW just may be for you.

Hosted by yours truly—a self-confessed life-long learning & personal growth junkie—we meet online Live every Monday night at 8pm (AEDT) and discuss books and concepts in the personal growth space to help each other connect to the learnings and apply them to our own life. 

It’s a weekly shot of inspiration & learning - inspired by the value and support I get from the private book group I created with my closest friends. GROW provides a similarly beautiful learning & growing space for you and others just like you – from all corners of the globe. 

Find out more here – and please, consider joining my Personal Growth Club weekly calls as we focus on Robins amazing new book.

Enjoy & Dream Big!

Love K



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