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    While feeling sad is often referred to as feeling blue, this colour, in fact, is all about open skies and freedom, imagination and sensitivity, and the emotional depths of the deep blue sea. It is a calming colour, a trustworthy colour. Dream Life has hundreds of blue stationery to help you chart your emotions, journal your dreams and more.
    243 products
    BLUE HEART Art Card
    BLUE HEART Framed
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    BLUE HEART Poster
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    It’s oh so easy - and can be done in less than a minute (but feel free to take your time).

    Just type in your text, choose a font, a font size and colour… then click ‘add to cart’ - and you’re done!

    The paper we use in all of our products is one with genuinely exceptional eco credentials. It’s made carbon neutral, FSC Recycled certified and manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled fibre in a process that is chlorine & acid free.

    As an eco 100% recycled paper it has a slight fleck and isn’t as white & bright as papers made in ways that are significantly more harmful to our environment (ie: bleached, using chlorine/acid in the process, etc). 

    So it is a little compromise - but one we feel morally bound to make. And we think it’s beautiful - as do our many happy customers.

    Dream Life is for growth minded people. We believe in the potential of all human beings to create their dream life, what-ever that means for them.

    Founded by Kristina ‘Kikki’ Karlsson - the original Founder & Creative Director of kikki.K - Dream Life is about helping people make the most of their one precious life. Inspired by Kristina’s Swedish heritage, culture and Swedish design aesthetic.