At the core of what we do is the concept of ‘made-to-order’ – which means all of our products are produced after you’ve ordered them, and mostly at a location relatively close to where you live - reducing waste and reducing carbon emissions.

To minimise our footprint we use paper with exceptional eco credentials and feel - made carbon neutral and FSC Recycled certified. It’s manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled fibre in a process chlorine free environment under the ISO 14001 environmental management system, and it’s acid free.

We love creating beautiful products and experiences that inspire and make a real difference in peoples lives and while not perfect we're committed to doing all we can over time to build a sustainable legacy that helps enable a brighter, sustainable future for people and our planet - and to ensuring that any adverse impact on the environment is mitigated.

And where we can, we influence our customers, partners and other stakeholders to minimise pollution and adopt sustainable solutions.