The Magic Of Your Reverse Bucket List

We've all heard about a Bucket List, but what's a Reverse Bucket List?

Something I highly recommend before diving in and creating your own Bucket List, is to spend time basking in joy, nostalgia & gratitude by reflecting on and writing a long list of all the amazing things you’ve already done in your life. Big & small. Which is what a Reverse Bucket List is all about.


Why create a Reverse Bucket List?

While a Bucket List focus's you on all the things you want to tick off in your lifetime - and is a brilliant thing to spend time creating - a Reverse Bucket List is a considered look-back - and if you're anything like me, the process will unearth a very long list of amazing things that may have faded a little in your memory...

Looking over that list will have you feeling fantastic - and is a fast-track way to boost your mood if you're ever not feeling great. 


How to create a Reverse Bucket List?

I recommend using our Dream Life Bucket List Journal - which includes a guided section to help you create your very own Reverse Bucket List.

It's been carefully designed to guide you through a simple but considered process, allowing you to use your heart as much as your head as you contemplate what you’d truly love to achieve & experience in your precious life time.

It’s a wonderful and valuable process, so book time in your diary to put yourself in an inspiring space – uninterrupted – where you can focus and have fun as the journal guides you.  

Creating your Reverse Bucket List is really the best place to start - before you move to the fun of making a list of all the amazing things you want to tick off in the future.

Pull out your journal and pen, and start by scrolling back through your social feeds and looking back through old journals, diaries and family photo albums to prompt your memory as you write down the stand-out experiences you’ve had and things you’ve accomplished – that were significant and extra-ordinary in some way, for you.

Big or small. Purposeful or random.

Talk with family or old friends and ask them what they would write down on a Reverse Bucket List of things you've done together.

Make it a list of things that made you feel proud or made you feel fully and beautifully alive. Recalling the memories of your feelings as you do this exercise is important – to help the experiences really come alive ...and to help prompt new ideas for your Bucket List.


But don't fall into the comparison trap!

Here is something very important. Significant moments, experiences or accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes. Do not compare yourself to other people as you do this and do not stop yourself adding things you worry might be too small. We are all different and our differences are to be celebrated.

The important thing is that what you add to your Reverse Bucket List are things that are meaningful – for you. And you alone.


Mindfulness journaling & how your Reverse Bucket List will bring happy feelings...

It’s very much an exercise in mindfulness as well as gratitude as you reflect on the many wonderful things you’ve done - and doing it will have the side benefit of increasing your happiness.

Yes, that’s right, research shows that revisiting positive or meaningful experiences from the past – like that time you back-packed around Europe – increase your happiness and can help overcome loneliness, boredom and anxiety. 

Think of it as an exercise in creating an authentic and 'uniquely you' playlist of your greatest hits & memories.


What to do with the many ideas that pop up?

There's no doubt that doing this journaling exercise will inspire many new ideas for things you may want to add to your Bucket List, so when great ideas do pop up, add them to your Bucket List Parking Lot (in your Bucket List Journal). Just jot them down to to free up more mind and come back to contemplate them later.

Want to hear more about how I create and use my Reverse Bucket List? Listen to this podcast episode here... The Magic of the Reverse Bucket List.


I'd love to hear what makes it onto your Reverse Bucket List - so come back and leave your comments below.



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