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Hi there and welcome to another episode!

Things don’t always go to plan, right? Well, my plan to interview the inspiring Hugh Van Cuylenburg for this episode didn’t work out… however, instead I’ve decided to review his wonderful new book Let Go – and we’ll have Hugh as a guest on a future episode. 

So, have you ever had something eating you up inside with frustration, anger or hurt, and thought 'I need to let go of that!'?

I sure have - which is why I'm really excited about the latest book I've been reading, Let Go by the inspiring Hugh Van Cuylenburg (founder of The Resilience Project). We're also reading it in GROW - my personal growth / book club - in March – and that is exciting!

The dictionary defines 'letting go' as 'to stop thinking about or being angry about the past, or something that happened in the past' - and research shows there are many benefits for us when we let go. 

...so, there is a lot to be gained by letting go of things that cause us pain!

Hugh starts the book talking about things he needed to let go of - which he'd initially started to write down in a journal. Things including: Shame; Expectation; Perfection; Control; Fear of failure; Social media; and Ego.

Maybe you can relate to needing to let go some of the above, along with pain from specific experiences you may have had.

I hope you enjoy my review of Hugh’s wonderful book which combines powerful insights with research and his own candid and honest storytelling to show how it is possible to let go and rediscover joy. 

And if you feel you'd like to read and discuss this great book with like-minded people, why not consider joining us in GROW for March where Hugh's book will be our focus. To find out more click here... 

Dream Big!

Love K



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