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According to Tanya Goodin, my guest on this week's Dream Life Podcast, one of the biggest wake-up calls to come from the global pandemic has been that...


"It's given us a glimpse of a future lived almost entirely through screens, isolated from those we love, growing lonelier and more disconnected day-by-day."

And Tanya is well placed to comment, as a trailblazing author, pioneering thinker, campaigner on digital wellbeing and expert on tech-life balance.

Her compelling message for us all?

"We must urgently reset our relationship with tech and our devices in order to forge healthier, happier lives."

And Tanya's mission in life is to help global audiences do just that.

So if you ever catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through devices - losing track of time. Jumping from thing to thing online. Tangled in a web of information and stimulus... and feeling at times like your brain has too many tabs open.

Or if you're worried about someone you care about who does that - then this episode will be really insightful for you.

Our devices and the information, images and experiences they open up at our fingertips - while enlightening and valuable in so many ways - have changed life irrevocably for us all in recent years.

And without doubt that's coming at a cost.

In her most recent book "My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open", Tanya asks us "What are you willing to lose for a connected life?" Firstly exploring the cost that our digital life inflicts on our offline existence, and then offering a toolkit to anyone who has lost their way.

And on this inspiring podcast episode Tanya offers a host of simple solutions.

Well worth a listen...

After interviewing Tanya I've been so much more mindful of how I use my tech, and I’m contemplating doing a digital detox in May, alongside doing Mindful in May.

If you haven't signed up to do Mindful in May with us, give it consideration. We'll be meditating 10 minutes a day - supporting each other along the way - and by the end of May it'll become a habit for us all. And will also help us reset our relationships with tech...

If you want to join Mindful in May with me, click here to find out more and register...

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