Hi there - and welcome back to another episode - and this episode is one I believe could change your life, if you choose it to!

What I’m about to say may sound simple – but often the best things are.

When you want to change something in your life - or when you want to chase a dream and bring it to life - you must do something different.

You cannot just do what you’ve always done.

In this episode I’m aiming to inspire you to choose one thing you want to do & focus on making that happen for the next 3 months.

Just 90 days. Spending a little bit of time on it each day.

And where should you start? You just need to take a little time out to figure out exactly WHAT to focus on first. To give you a sense of clarity and inspiration.

You don’t need to think about HOW you’ll do it yet.  Just work out WHAT to focus on – and this episode gives you some tips on how to do that.

At the time of releasing this episode it’s almost May 2022 - and before we know it, half of 2022 is done! So now is a perfect time to reset and get moving on your Dreams and Goals. 

This episode will help you work out your WHAT – and give you a reason to ‘just start’. Starting is the hardest part – so just start small.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!” – Zig Ziglar


…and in 3 months’ time you will thank yourself, like so many other people who join my Dream Life community.

I can’t wait to hear what you get out of it, so please share your thoughts with us in our Dream Life Podcast private Facebook group here...

Have a wonderful weekend!



Dream Life Founder 



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My dream is to inspire and empower 101 million people around the world, just like you, to write down three dreams, and go chase them!  


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