A5 Journal - Plan Your Year - Creme

A5 Journal - Plan Your Year - Creme
A5 Journal - Plan Your Year - Creme
A5 Journal - Plan Your Year - Creme
A5 Journal - Plan Your Year - Creme
A5 Journal - Plan Your Year - Creme
A5 Journal - Plan Your Year - Creme

A5 Journal - Plan Your Year - Creme

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There is something wonderfully exciting & energising about planning for a brand-new year. With a new blank canvas – and you can paint as you dare. An opportunity for new beginnings.

I’m passionate about productivity and I’ve always found it such a fun, exciting and important task. Each year I’ve managed to get better and better at planning to make the year ahead my best yet. Studying how others do it. What works and what doesn’t. Developing my own tools & approaches.

We’ve created this Plan Your Year Journal for you with all the annual tools & exercises I personally use to do just that.

It’s a brilliant place to start when you want to have great year ahead & includes:

  • Review the Past Year exercises
  • Plan out your Top 10 Dreams
  • Plan your Dreams/Goals per Life Area
  • Define Your Core Values
  • Identify Key Habits Needed
  • 20 Things to Make Life Easier
  • Clarify your Life Vision
  • Top 3 Dreams/Goals for the year
  • Identify the Key Actions You Need to Take (by Dream/Goal)
  • Refine your Actions Down to the Top 7 per Dream/Goal
  • Anticipate Key Obstacles & How to Overcome
  • Plan your Dreams/Goals by Quarter - Choose Dated or Undated
  • Plan what to Stop, Start, Continue
  • Plan out 2023 Yearly Overview - Choose Dated or Undated
  • Design Your Non-Negotiable Dream Week
  • Design Your Dream Days
  • Create Productive Morning & Night Rituals
  • Plan Health & Wellbeing Practices to support you
  • Plan Your Learning: Books to Read, Course & Seminars, etc.
  • Develop your Word or theme of the Year
  • Develop Your Quarterly Roadmap
  • Review & write out Why are You Doing This
  • Letter to Your Future Self
  • Vision Board for Your Life
  • …and a list of other valuable resources

I love this journal and you will too – whether for yourself or a gift for someone special.

And yes, you can personalise the cover with a name, title or what-ever you choose - to make it unique and beloved.

A beautiful and unique every day-use object that will bring much value and be cherished.

  • A5 size
  • Hardback cover with matt silk finish – book-bound
  • Personalise the front cover with your name… or what-ever you like
  • 200 pages of 100 gsm eco paper with exceptional eco credentials & feel.

...take comfort knowing that this is a locally manufactured product - without the environmental impact of being shipped across the world to get to you.

* We use an environmentally responsible paper made carbon neutral and is FSC Recycled certified. Manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled fibre in a process chlorine free environment under the ISO 14001 environmental management system and offers the write-ability, brightness and durability of white virgin fibre papers.

  • Acid Free • Bright white - CIE Whiteness – 150
  • FSC® Certified Recycled
  • Smooth surface and uncoated
  • Superior bulk & opacity

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