How to Use Our Dream Life Daily Wins Journal


There is such simple magic in putting pen to paper and jotting daily in our beautifully designed and curated Daily Wins Journal.

It’s so easy - takes less than ten minutes a day to jot a few things under the daily 3 headings - yet will make such a positive and immediate impact on your productivity, confidence, clarity and state of mind. No matter what life happens to be throwing at you.

"Something changed when I started using this Daily Wins approach in my journaling. It’s so simple but life changing."



Too often we judge ourselves on what we haven’t yet done – or what yet needs to be done. And in doing so we highlight and put focus on what we haven’t accomplished.

It’s time to turn that around and focus on the key things you have achieved each day. Your daily wins.

It’s a subtle mindset shift and a deceptively simple process – but you’ll find it profound, as over time you delight yourself daily with the things you have achieved. The progress & gains you have made – however small or big.

It’s your daily view of your life thru ‘glass half-full’ eyes.

I’ve been studying and coaching productivity for over two decades and I’ve come to know that tracking our progress against where we started – writing our daily wins in a journal - has enormous psychological and productivity benefits. It’s why I’ve just loved creating this journal for you.

And I’ve combined two other simple but magical daily practices for you in this journal. Gratitude and Wins for Tomorrow.



The science is clear on gratitude. There are so many benefits from reflecting daily on 3 things you’re grateful for.  It fires up multiple areas of our brain responsible for creating mood-boosting chemicals like serotonin and dopamine – and expressing gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness, improved health, better relationships and resilience through adversity.



The key to productivity is to focus on just a few key important things.

In today’s world, it’s so easy to fill our diaries and planners with meetings and things to do. Most of us feel that the ‘to do list’ never ends.

But we all only have 24 hours in a day, so why is it that some people get so much more done and achieve more than others?

One of the fascinating things I’ve learned about productivity is that the most productive people – those more likely to achieve their dreams - become highly focused on just a few important things. Which is the reason I love contemplating ‘tomorrows 3 wins’, the night before.

A lot of us spend our evenings on screens, watching TV, a movie or scrolling social media. And I’m not saying we shouldn’t do that if that’s what you want to do. But if you can change even the last 30 minutes of your day and create an evening routine, including time to reflect and be guided by this journal, your productivity will go to another level. And you’ll feel good.

One of the fascinating things that happens is that by doing this at the end of your day, you’ll plant seeds in your subconscious mind - which in turn will help guide you.


Trust me and give this a go for 3 months. Yes, you’ll have days where you can’t do it or miss it. But if you can do it most nights, I promise you, it will get you closer to your dream life, whatever that means for you.

So if you're finding that true happiness and calm elude you, no matter how much you strive, then embracing this easy mindset shift to focus on Daily Wins as a daily habit will set you on a life-changing path to feeling great. And when you feel great you’ll be so much more creative, energetic, calm and productive.

I love this using this journal and you will too. And it makes a wonderful gift for people you care about. 



I write in my Daily Wins Journal in the evening – when I can reflect briefly back over the positives from the day and contemplate the day tomorrow before drifting off to sleep. I encourage you to do the same.

To set yourself up for success, start by setting aside some time to decide how you want your evening routine to be. Doing that will help you create a rhythm you love, setting context for the ritual of wrapping up your day with the joy of writing in your Daily Wins Journal as part of that evening routine.

You may want to set a time where you turn off screens (my aim is to do this by 8 pm). You may also want to add rituals like lighting a candle, burning incense or essential oils and have relaxing tea in a quiet area of your home. Maybe in bed.

Life will happen and there will be nights where you want to watch a movie or work late - but create a simple night routine that you can follow most nights of the week. Including giving yourself 10 minutes to write in this journal.

Once you have yourself an evening routine, it’s simple…

"Start first by taking three slow deep breathes … and then just follow the daily prompts in this journal, jotting down your thoughts. What-ever comes to mind."

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It can be simple and rough. 

The key thing is that you do it.

3 WINS FROM TODAY could be the simplest things from any area of your life or progress on the few things that really matter which you know will get you closer to achieving your dreams & goals.

3 THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR could be small thing or big things. Things you might normally take for granted. The fresh air you breathe. Your heart pumping without you having to control that. Your freedom. Your legs that carried you through the day. The courtesy of a stranger. The sun that came up regardless of what's happening in the world. 

3 WINS FOR TOMORROW is your opportunity to anticipate succeeding at the things that are important to you the following day. Spending just a few minutes thinking about what you want your 3 daily wins to be the next day will focus you on prioritising the most important tasks first. The things that really matter to you – to get you closer each day to your dreams & goals.


I recently had great friends of mine share that they've started a night-time Daily Wins ritual with their 10 year old daughter, using one the personalised with her name on the cover.

It's become a wonderful part of the family day - and is something gorgeous little Misha looks forward to. Setting her on a path of gratitude, confidence and growth for life.  Here's a couple of pages from her journal. So fun!:




Consistency is key, so let this beautiful Dream Life Daily Wins journal be your daily guide to cultivating a winning positive mindset.

Just do your best to take five to ten minutes a day for yourself with this journal, and watch what happens.

I’d love to hear from you with any observations so do leave a comment or two below…

Enjoy the process!


Dream Life Founder

PS: You may want to listen to my podcast episode on Daily Wins Journaling here for more insights.


  • Kristina

    Such lovely comments Grace & Lyn! I’m so grateful you shared. I just love what I get to do every day via my beautiful Dream Life brand – and the biggest joy is seeing the impact it has for people. In small ways and big. Yay! Love K

  • Grace

    Thank you for sharing, Kristina. You never know how far this will reach… even as I read this, my mind took me to someone on a distant continent I want to share it with. You may have already reached more than 101 million dreamers across the world, helping them along their way, by way of words you initiated :)

  • Lyn M

    Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. And this is one of them!

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