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Hi there & welcome back!

Well this is exciting – a milestone episode having just clicked over 2,000,000 listens from people around the world!!

I truly love living my purpose of inspiring & empowering millions of people to discover & chase their Dreams – and this episode is certainly going to deliver on that purpose.

Siimon Reynolds left school and went straight into a career in advertising. Some years later he had created a network of advertising agencies operating in 14 countries that became one of the top 20 networks in the world. Valued at over A$500m.

With more than 50 awards for excellence to his name, and a 30-year career owning and running numerous successful companies he's been featured on 60 Minutes, Today, Bloomberg and many other TV programs as a high achiever, including as a Shark on Australia's original version of Shark Tank (Dragon's Den).

Along the way, he collected many learnings that he now shares as a sought-after speaker & business mentor. And he has much to share about the importance of your state of mind – and how to maximise it – which comes out in this episode.

This episode is SOOOOO full of valuable & practical insights – you’ll benefit from listening to it more than once!


Things you'll learn in this episode include:

  • How a morning ritual is just the start of a productive day.
  • How important it is to take time to reflect thru the day so you can monitor your state of mind.
  • How important it is to release negative energy throughout the day – and how simple it can be to do that in the moment.
  • The many benefits of physical exercise on your state of mind – and how a ‘second wind work out’ in the afternoon can lift your state of mind & productivity.
  • The power of breaking dreams & goals in to one day increments – and why it’s important to ‘Win the Day’. One day at a time. And how to do that.
  • How to separate what you can control from what you can’t – and why it matters so much.
  • How ‘showing up’ and ‘starting small’ is so important.
  • How life-changing it can be to limit yourself to no more than 60 seconds dwelling on problems - before moving to a ‘relentless solutions focus’ (starting with a question for yourself of ‘what is just one thing I cloud do to help solve this?’)
  • How to use ‘Next Play Speed’ as a great technique to help you bounce back from the many every-day adversities & challenges we all face.
  • How your biggest disasters can be the beginning of your biggest successes.
  • Why the three character traits of Confidence, Optimism & Persistence are so important.
  • How to consciously create a positive self-identity.
  • Why having a coach is vital for anyone.
  • …and so much more!

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this episode – so please let me know either in the comments below or in our Dream Life Podcast Facebook group here.

And please share it with anyone who you feel may benefit from it. Let’s inspire many more millions around the world.

Have a wonderful week!


Dream Life Founder  

PS: I learned that Siimon loves journaling as much as I do, and loved the concept of our Daily Wins Journal which you can learn more about here...  


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  • Karen McNamee

    A great episode with so much wisdom and practical advice. I shared it with my 83 year old Mum and my 30 year old daughter!

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